Hello people, Michael here :-)

On and off over the past few years I have been enjoying perusing the blog, so I thought I would join. Its great the support and advice that you all share.
Now in my mid 50s the only thing I was any good at in school was art and I have only reconnected with it in the last 3 years.  In that time I have done 7 paintings (not sure if this section is the part to post some on).
I find painting to be very therapeutic (I'm in a stressful job), I feel like I am transported elsewhere when painting. Though it has its challenges and frustrations too, overcoming those is part of the joy.
I went on a 10 day painting course last year and loved it. Ive done a few paintings since on my own and with some guidance from teacher on that course via email. She is so inspiring and generous with her help.
I have watched many of Marks videos over time and even though I've bought the colour checker and portion dividers I have not applied myself properly to his methods. I am very much hoping to get to go on his course before too long. Though I am in the UK.
I paint in oils on flat pre gessoed wooden panel.
That was a bit of a long hello :-)


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