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Questions about Geneva paint medium

Would anyone be able to tell me how I can mix a solvent-free medium like used in Geneva paints?  Is it possible to get an idea of what medium is actually used in Geneva paints?  I saw the recipe that Mark suggests, however it uses OMS, whereas my understanding is that Geneva paints do not contain OMS. 

I generally use Spike Lavender Oil if a solvent is needed, so if one is needed for this medium, does anyone know a recipe that I could mix using Spike? If not, then any medium that's solvent-free and compatible with Geneva paints as far as mixing and open time will be great.  Thank you for your help!


  • dencaldencal -
    edited October 2018

    Mark’s recipe does use OMS for mixing Winsor and Newton oil paint for a longer open time.
    Geneva is solvent free and should not need additional medium. However, if you wanted a thinner consistency linseed or walnut oil will do that. If you prefer a non hydrocarbon solvent try a citrus solvent such as ZestIt.

    Gamblin also has a solvent free gel and a solvent free medium.


  • Thank you for your reply, dencal.  I'm sorry, my question wasn't clear.  I'm not looking to add the medium to Geneva paint, but to other brands of paint so that I can use them to paint along with Geneva paint.  For example, I would like to be able to take M. Graham Azo Yellow and mix it with a solvent-free medium so that it will become compatible with Geneva paints. 
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