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edited October 2018 in Off-Topic Discussion
Good news. I just  have to tell someone. I found out today that I have been selected as a finalist in the Henry Jones Art Hotel Art Prize. I'm so pleased! The prize is worth $20,000 and is open only to developing artists - not to successfully established artists who have already won major competitions. So that's a plus but there are 55 finalists so it's a big field and therefore it's unlikely that I will win. But it's nice to be selected and it's something else to put on the artist's CV. Also a good opportunity to sell another painting. I also got an invoice from the gallery today - they sold another of my small early paintings. I'll only get about $400 out of it by the time the gallery gets its cut and I subtract what I paid for the frame but every little bit helps.

Thanks to all here for your support over the last couple of years since I started painting and for helping me learn how to paint a half decent picture. And a very big thank you to Mark.   :)


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