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Medium to paint ratio

i was wondering how much paint a 37ml tube with the correct amount of slow dry medium will make. I saw on the video that he used a 8oz jar with 37ml tube..does it extend it that much?


  • No but you are looking to produce the consistency of paint that he demonstrated, and  not a particular volume. Mark explains that the amount of sdm needed for each color can vary quite a bit and some will thicken more overnight or like blue get runnier. He shows putting the whole tube in the jar all at once but I hold some in reserve in case I thin it too much. Then I can add a little more from the tube. I don't put all my colors in jars just the limited palette. For the extra tube colors I just put a smudge of it on the palette and add a few drops of sdm with an eyedropper. As for the size of the jar it's just easier to mix than in a smaller one.
  • Yeah I get that it can be different for each color just wondering on average the amount of paint it yields with the correct amount of medium added
  • derickalvinderick

    I agree with BOB73 that consistency is the key attribute. In my experience a 37 ml tube will bulk up to around 55 ml (1.8 US fl oz) with added medium.

  • Thanks that’s exactly what I wanted to know :):):)
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