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I just read Bob's instructions about how to post a picture, so here goes...  I think it's done but not entirely sure. This is a bit of a departure for me in terms of style so would  welcome comments.


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    Terrific composition. Is this a WIP or finished? It could go either way not knowing your style. I like the contrast and fugitive colors in the foliage and the rams are anatomically correct. There's a definite conflict of values between the background and the rams... like they are butting heads. That could be intentional and chalked up to style and implied sheepishness.
  • You make me laugh - yes they are sheepish, lol. I wanted to invoke the darkness of the deep forest and the light on the sheep. I hemmed and hawed as to whether it was finished or not and finally framed it in old barn board but I'm still not 100% sure it's done. That's the best answer I can give for that question.  I was hoping to get the opinions of others to guide me to an answer that I'm satisfied with.
  • It's not done.  Those sheep aren't nearly dark enough in their darkest areas, which I think would be eyes, noses, horns, and armpits, if sheep have armpits.

    The sheep on the right is great - it's beautifully colored like it's in the sun, on top.
  • I agree with @PaulB, that's what I meant when I said: "a definite conflict of values between the background and the rams... like they are butting heads." The "like butting heads (as rams usually do) was my "peachy" comment for your post. Thanks for posting on my wall (profile page). Remember for posting paintings to first select the category of "POST YOUR PAINTING" before opening a new discussion and popping up a picture of your painting. This one is in Introduce yourself category which may have delayed people from commenting.
  • Nice subject matter.  Probably more value differentiation throughout - each section - would make a difference.  Four or five instead of two.
  • Thanks for the tips Bob. I'm new to forums of any kind and not aware of the 'how tos'.  Yes I got the head butting reference too. I definitely appreciate your sense of humour.  

    Thanks to Summer and Paul I will reevaluate the values...Sh
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