Good morning

I am looking forward to being a contributor to the forum.  I painted casually for a few years but never really focused on a style or method.  I live in the Southeastern United States enjoy painting for family and friends, and the occasional local Art Show. 

I found Mr. Carter on YouTube his "Maintaining abstraction demo" which I loved.  It led me to this site and his teaching methods, and this group.

The paintings I see being posted are wonderful, and while I am not at the level many of you have already achieved I hope to learn and to contribute.

I'll post my first painting when I find a way to download the picture - I started with his " Alla Prima Brushwork Demo" of a single pear.  It is a style I like, realistic, but not an attempt to recreate the exact pear.

I'll probably go on to peaches, and so on. Starting with simple still life's until I feel comfortable with the method.  There seems to be a lot of variety not only in the group but within in videos.  A lot to learn.

Looking forward to being a part of the group,


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