This just in from God's Own Country

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Hello all. 
I thought it was time to say hello after a couple of weeks lurking. I'm based in Yorkshire, England, and although I've had some experience of illustration work (I've done a fair bit of digital art, and spent fifteen years as a map maker in the  British Army) I've not actually used a paint brush in about thirty years (I'm nearly fifty now, and last painted in school).

I've recently attempted a few practice pieces just to get the hang of making a mark on paper. Please don't judge these too harshly as they were not produced using the DMP method!

Water colour above, using a tin of paint blocks in a hotel room two weeks ago.  This is where I learned that paint boxes do not have an  "undo" feature!
My third oil painting practice, about 18 inches wide. Trust me, you don't want to see the other two!

My next pieces will all be about following the course. Hopefully these images will provide a useful "Base-line" from which to demonstrate my learning and progression.



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