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Clever new tool

Check out the portable grid tool he has.  If you have not seen Jos' work, you are in for a treat.



  • I've thought of something like that before as well, but I think I'd get annoyed trying to draw through the wires! :D
  • This is a good idea too!
  • I agree @richard_p.  But what if there were fewer, or only two golden lines?  Also notice he does not try to do much more than key points, then returns to traditional penciling.
    @kaustav, I bet it will help outdoors.  I once saw a movie years ago (80’s) where a painter was teaching a pupil and used a stand alone string grid on a tri-pod to frame the scene.  Another grid was drawn on the canvas and you know the rest.  It’s funny the random things that stick with you.
  • I tried to get a grid like that a long time ago but it was electrified. Ouch.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited September 2018
    The computer app I use allows me to adjust the thickness of the lines and the size and shape of the openings that I require for each individual painting with little fuss and time.  Still, its a good idea and does work.  I like the proportions he is using.   
  • @summer, I have done that too, but I stopped because I could never get the grid on my canvas to precisely match the grid on the photo.  So I think this tool is a way to be more consistent, even if it is only two lines.  My thought is that if I can identify all the important golden points in both places, I can use lines where necessary and have a better chance of getting them to line up.  All this assumes that no tracing is done.  I am still partial to tracing my golden lines even if I pencil all the rest.  Then I use string to regain them after painting.  I leave marks on the edges so I can line them back up later.  Of course if I ever learn to draw none of this will be necessary.   =)
    on the other hand if Miriam escofet can win the BP Portrait award drawing to a grid I am fine with it.
  • I'm trying something new with grids as well, but I don't know how it will turn out.  I have a designated projector attached to a designated tripod that I only use for customizing grids so when I lose the lines while painting, all I have to do is turn on the projector for a few moments to get my bearings again.  Hmm. 
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