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There's nothing more cringe worthy to me than fine art posters in waiting rooms and such that have faded into oblivion. Ahhhhhhk!


  • With a pochade box you could paint a horse in there.
  • Can't think of a thing to add.
  • These comments are priceless. Lol!
  • Excellent! @Boudicca, about power sockets looking horrified.  Now I will always think of you every time I see one!  :#
  • My dentist has put TV's in each room.  You can watch the TV, unless you are placed in a more "look-at- the-ceiling-position"; but for patients needing to be placed in those positions she has had color images rendered somehow onto the ceiling.  Unfortunately, I don't remember what I see on the ceiling because of the distraction of having her hand in my mouth, but occasionally, when my appointment has been scheduled for the right day, I can grunt back to the hygienist as we compete for best answers to the questions asked by Alex Trebec on Jeopardy.  Kind of fun.  And helps the appointment go faster. 

    Still, there is a another medical center in my area that when it was first opened about 15 years ago, had placed on its walls lots of great art by present day working artists.  Great stuff, (not that I mind older stuff) but has been hanging there for so long, that they should probably replace it.  It would be nice to make double duty out of otherwise depressing spaces, and have some sort of open gallery, where new artist could constantly display their work on a rotating basis.  New and fresh art would liven the walls, I agree.  (And it might cheer up a couple of patients as well.) 
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    No wonder Dentists are so "down-in-the-mouth". They need to brush-up on art appreciation and lower the shades.
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    Some studies show, that paintings in dentists or any other doctor cabinet helps preventing the appearance of stress and also relieves the person in cause. My child also was afraid of dentist and the instruments in their cabinets, and always was distressed during consultations at the dentist. This caused some kind of shock to my kid and he would become scared of other persons. So we changed to another dentist and that one, had the walls full of paintings of animals and cartoons. The website where I found this clinic is where kids are not afraid of dentists or the cabinet itself. So in conclusion it is true that different paintings help reduce fear in children and makes them more comfortable near doctors.
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