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Why are so many very old posts showing as recent?

I've learned to click "recent discussions" so I don't miss anything - In the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a lot of very old posts coming up - today was one from 2016 and the other day from 2013???  I assume it is because people are searching certain terms?  That doesn't explain a random painting thread coming up and comments about how great it is (or whatever) when it is so old - plus, these people don't seem to be active otherwise - not noticing current events?

Perhaps the settings are different for different computers, MAC, phones etc...    I never noticed it happening as much as recently.   


  • Julianna

    This set of circumstances is caused by new members making comments on old threads, perhaps they have a special interest in the topic or content.

  • That's right any old thread will be "resurrected" to the Recent Discussions list anytime a new comment is added. I often reread old threads but visiting the thread won't bring it to the recents list unless I add a new comment.
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