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Elon - practice

It's been a while since I used the PD - so here goes, I am about 40 mins and need a break for breakfast, I do not have any stain left so just went for it - this is a practice sketch for an eventual wood panel I am waiting for.
i am also drawing in the posterized areas too,...comments welcome 



  • Basic outline is in - some field checks and jacket still to place 

  • This looks quite a lot like him already! Real good drawing, while you're at it, I suggest rounding the back of his head more. It appears flat in the photo because it is slightly cut off.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @alsart, I would recommend fixing this before getting paint on there.  Sorry @Forgiveness I can't agree with that, there are a lot of things to correct:
    • Slope of the back of the shoulder is too vertical
    • Eyebrow is over curved
    • Curve of the nose goes the wrong way
    • Forehead is smaller
    • Eye is enlarged
    • Head is shortened (back to front)
    • Chin sloes back too much
  • I agree with all the about thanks - I picked up a few but still need a little work guys - I corrected the eye - the chin - the ear 

  • @PaulB I may not paint this well not with Geneva I may just use an acrylic black and white tonal just to see how it looks - I will work some more on the corrections noted and thank you for your concise observations 
  • @alsart you can just rub some light paint on a canvas with a paper towel - you fight yourself so much with your stark white or black.  Many artists use a warm neutral - I like switching mine up - I'll use a warm for a cool painting and a cool "stain" when I am going to be doing a warm painting. I try to stay around mid tone in value but it usually gets lighter because I rub it down so much - just scrub it into the white to kill the white.  I love how much you practice and share - thank you for being so open with your process.
  • @Julianna I would normally use an acrylic stain but I ran out of it, and the art stores were closed due to the "hurricane' but because of all my mistakes I now have a graphite stained canvas!
    I will correct a few more issues as noted by @PaulB and see how it looks - thanks

  • I'm just saying you don't even have to do all of that - if you have mineral spirits it is even easier.  So many famous, successful, revered artists just kill the white by wiping their oil paints onto the white canvas - takes a second.  graphite stained is probably giving you a nice grey, so good :).  
  • After this one are you going to take your time and do everything one step at a time? ;)
  • @Richard_P - one step at a time nice and easy and slowly does it,...
  • I'll take that as a yes.. ;)
  • I still have some corrections to make tonight, but the below shows how much of the darkest value (black) I have to paint in which is much more than I thought, that is if my computer affinity skills prove right, once the black is in I can them work away and down in values - I hope,...

  • That looks cool just like that!

  • I worked on all the points below it looks rough as graphite does not erase too well on canvas rag,..
    let me know what you guys think please

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Not really an opinion question.  Here's how you can check it yourself.

    Take your reference picture and the photo above.  Scale them to be the same size, using key points such as hairline to chin..  In the case of Musk, artificial hairline.  Load the drawing into your software as a layer, reduce the opacity, and move it around so they overlay.

  • @PaulB thanks I will try this with affinity photo when I am back in the office tomorrow - I never even thought to do this but it is something I do with engineering plans such as overlaying an electrical plan over mechanical plan to see if anything has been missed 
    I will give it a go - again thanks. 
  • So I could not wait till I get in the office and I got the scissors out and did an old fashioned overlay - 
    @PaulB you are right I still have work to do on the nose / chin / lips / neck line - my DP work is off kilter, out of practice for sure - I would advise everyone does this once in a while it's definitely not like riding a bike.
    still my wood panels have not arrived, knock on effect of the storm no doubt so I may tweak this a bit and lay some values down in acrylic paint - acrylic for drying time reasons.
    Thoughts welcomed 

  • Overlay in my software I have some tweaks to do, even allowing for a slight miss alignment, these mistakes might be just enough to not get a likeness - a good exercise so far

  • Yet more tweaks and then the hairspray (funny) and first dark value it dried almost straight away just cheap arcrylic paint 

  • This is it for tonight, comments welcome 

  • Are you trying to recreate the posterised look? With the acrylics you won't have time to work step into step before they dry. I'm not quite sure why you are using them here?
  • @Richard_P yes posterized - I know I can not work step to step, it does not worry me for this exercise - it's just practice and seeing what will happen - there are only 6 steps so I am not hoping for too much from this just giving it a go 
  • Tonight's homework below - like I say not sure how this is going to work out  - comments welcome

  • Closing the thread on this and most likely for a good while - I am finding it hard to focus on realism - my mind goes one way, and the other mind pulls me back,.. to What, i am not sure,...where / when and why is a constant drift,...

  • Al,

    You sound very disappointed and despondent.

    Is it realism that you are not focused on, or is it your results from trying to paint realism?

    If it's realism then that's fine, there are lots of ways to use some aspects of realism with impressionism or other methods. Even Sargent was more impressionistic than the dutch masters.

    If it's your results that you are dissatisfied with then I think this is because I've noticed in your latest paintings that you are moving back to where you were before painting the teacup. You seem to start off well and then rush and get inaccurate results. Rather than stop and correct or restart the painting you move onto something else with the same results. You know how to do painting in a DMP'esque way now, you just need to take your time, focus and do everything step by step.

    If you don't want to paint like that anymore then I completely understand.. There are a multitude of ways to paint :)
  • @Richard_P - its my results being honest with myself,and a little disruption in my life .. - I am going to try one more,..and the teacup was a turning point I need to step back and hit the rewind button - thanks for the support  - I will complete my next DMP and post the results,...
  • I'm happy to help with step by step pictures as before if you need them :)

    Take your time.. you can do it!!
  • I will give it my best, and thanks for the kind offer, but I will try solo @Richard_P - I have 5 weeks before my niece gets here from the U.K. And that should be enough time for one more DMP then my studio becomes a bedroom for 3 weeks - I have picked a real simple object with maybe only three color groups and just a few steps, wood panels got lost so I had to order more, but I will go buy a new wood panel for this one today after golf - I will return, I am not a quitter 
  • Seems to me you can apply some of the engineering skill you have to your art.  After all, it’s 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.  The craft is an art in itself.  To get the DMP method down you have to follow the work flow to the letter 5 times.  Then you will start to feel confident enuf to branch out.  I have done around 50 and am just now confident enuf to go my own way.
    I noticed above that you have golden lines in place.  It’s a great technique.  But I saw no golden points.  Triangulate to the outer most edges and put dots there.  Draw from dot to dot.  Make sure the lines on the reference are in the same place on the canvas.  The rest is just drafting.  Portraits are the hardest because if you miss a line by 1 mm everyone knows and it messes with your head.
    Black and white value studies are a great idea but they are not a shortcut to color and value checking.  If anything you have to do it more because the transitions can be abrupt.
    So look, I’m just an old dude and I can’t draw a bath, but I can draft anything.  You can too!
  • Thanks @MikeDerby encouraging words - I will start my drawing today, but I may trace it out as I have a small window of time to paint my next one with a busy work period / golf / wife / house hunting etc, etc, oh and life,...
  • My maple wood panels arrived and they are superb quality - super smooth surface and they are a solid plank, with routed out holes in the back for hanging - more about them in a few weeks,...started my new DMP and will open a new thread,....I am going slow couple hours today then golf - I think my pace is a natural speed withxin me, and like a lot of things in my life I am trying to slooooow down,...
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