Clove oil mist

Posting here to close this - the experiment was to try to keep open Geneva oil with a brush dip (clove oil) mist
they stayed open for approx 12 days up to now, but the texture is not great, I would not paint with these samples - I consider this a failure, although not very scientific it was worth a shot - 12 days is still good for a wide open unprotected pallete - and not one fly in the mix!



  • Holy cow!!!  That is awesome!   I have a masterson sealed box I keep my palette in with a q-tip with clove oil - I consider a week to be great with that so you accomplished a ton!  Thank you for the experiment.
  • @Julianna I too keep my pallete in a plastic box with the clove oil - I was hoping that maybe I could mist the painting as I paint along to keep that open but, it's not worth the risk of runining a painting - thanks 
  • Folks

    Stock color (bu,um,cy,pac,tw, black) mixed directly into 75 ml snap caps with SDM. Lasts two years.
    Value strings mixed on the palette and dropped off palette knife into 10 ml snap caps. Lasts four to six weeks. Dependent on temperature,  humidity and lid open time. Air (oxygen) can be displaced with a glass marble. Half tones and temperature adjustment mixed on the palette. Cheap, reusable, disposable, durable, paint economy. Remainders avail for touch ups and redos. Left overs great for toning next canvas or two


  • Thanks @dencal the snap caps might be the way to go for my challenges with Hawaii temps 
  • Great idea, would little shot glasses covered with cling film / Saran Wrap work too ? Little tablet boxes, the ones where you can lay out a weeks tablets at a time ? 
  • dencaldencal -
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    Right idea, but I doubt the cling film will be a durable seal. Tablet boxes are a closure type lid allowing the continuous flow of the dreaded oxygen, forming a dry skin on the surface which breaks up to form lumps on the canvas.

    The success of this technique relies on minimising the airspace. This is how paint lasts so long in a tube. The tube contracts as the paint exits, keeping air out.

    Another feature of the snap cap routine is for the most part you can paint directly out of the containers.
    Minimising mess and clean up.

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