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HELP. I carved up my photo into 25 4 x 6" pieces and had them printed, but......

When I got them back from Harvey Norman, the colour was very different to what I saw on my computer monitor. The image had much more blue in it, so it looked quite strange. Also, even though the photos would have all been done in the same batch, some of them were much lighter than others!  Very frustrating.  The image is about 90cm x 60cm so it's too expensive to have just one large photograph.  I'm just starting with Mark's Method and I want to follow it as closely as I can and of course I can make adjustment as I paint, but that's not the point!  Anyway, any help would be appreciated.  Kind regards  Dianna


  • Hi @Dianna. There are lots of things that can go wrong here. Did you manipulate the photos at all using software? If so, try a test print with a photo straight from your camera (one that looks like it is well balanced).

    I'm guessing you are in Oz? I went round a bunch of local places, include 'professional' camera stores (but not professional photo printing outfits). The best result I got, by far, was from....OfficeWorks!

    They used to be terrible, but they replaced all their equipment recently to a Fuji-based system. I've been gobsmacked with the quality from them, even the el cheapo 10c 6x4s. Worth giving them a try. Oh, and worst by far was a well known and respected Camera chain.

    The other headache is if you are trying to make a jigsaw out of them, then you will probably have gaps if you print borderless, as a default edge buffer is applied that cuts a bit off all the way around.

    Hope that's of some use.
  • @Dianna,

     If you have your own printer it might be less frustrating and cheaper (in the long run) to buy high quality photo paper and ink and print out the photos yourself. But first, run the image through image editing software to get the colours you want and make sure your printer is correctly calibrated. I've found it an exercise is trial and error to get decent photos from my printer but I think I'm getting the hang of it. When painting from photos what's important is how the print looks and not what's on the monitor. You will never match a print exactly to your monitor which emits light rather than reflects it like a print. Good luck with it. :) 

  • I have found that Harvey Norman have just updated their equipment and the prints are really a fabulous quality and much cheaper than Officeworks. It's true they sometimes don't quite fit together and that's a bit of a nuisance, but in cases where there's a face I just get one print 8 x 12 in for instance, so there are no gaps and no distractions, and it's only $2 which is fabulous.  Gave up trying to find a good method for slicing and exporting in Photoshop, impossible, and just cropped each 4 x 6 in size and in the end that was easier than the complicated research.  Good thing about Harvey Norman is that I can order online and just pop in a day or two later and pick them up.  Anyway, thanks all   Dianna
  • Oh, one more thing.  I originally got the prints done at KMart and they were absolutely terrible. The quality was disgusting.  IN the end the solution was quite simple, to go to Harvey Norman......
  • edited August 2018
    I have had this experience happen so many times - there was a time that I drove an hour to a more expensive print shop but even they started getting off with their colors and inks.

    I highly recommend a NixPlay - you can get them for the cost of a few runs at a printer - it saves on much aggravation.  The only thing is it doesn't zoom into specific places, only the middle of the screen so you just simply crop each section - save and upload - much like you did when you took yours to the printers.  The resolution, colors, monitor are all fantastic.  No glare, no white light coming out.  

    You can have the large picture as reference on the NixPlay and then when you want to go to certain areas, just click the remote until at the desired crop you need.  You can wipe off the screen easily if you actually want to swab the paint directly.  Saran wrap works easily if you are swabbing a lot of paint.      They are much cheaper than when I first purchased - you don't need the wi-fi etc...  for your uses.  This is the one I have had for a couple of years.  I have the 15 inch.
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