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Paint and Studio

Hello all.

How long did it take to get all of the things ready to paint that Mark suggests?
Did you continue to paint like you always did until you got everything you needed?
Probably just a dumb question....


  • Chas

    I did not paint before joining the DMP (aka Carder) Forum.

    I guess about three or four months from the time I saw the short promotional video until I had all the bits and pieces together. Perth in Western Australia is a bit remote and finding and ordering lights was the lengthiest wait - had to be made in Melbourne.
    Clove oil had to come from the US. Venetian Turpentine from Melbourne.
    I constructed the shadow box and palette table along with shelving from local materials.

    I enjoyed the process of cobbling a studio together. I learned a lot about light and color. Watched The Carder Method DVD quite a few times. I wanted the results the folks were getting on the Forum so I was prepared to seriously commit.

    Of course I still had a job to do and be a dad and a partner etc.


  • Chas. I had painted years ago usually in watercolor and acrylic. It isn't possible for me to set up a studio so I have a painting area. When I was in the mood to paint in oil I went right ahead and started as soon as I had my paint. I bought Mark's video about 6 months later. I have tried all of Mark's method suggestions and now I just do the ones that I feel work for me. Everyone is different.
  • Hi Chas! It took me about 3 and a half weeks to setup my studio using all of Mark's suggestions. Do as much as you have space, time and money for - it's very well worth the effort. It will definitely improve your painting especially for those new to painting or those who approached painting previously in an unorganized manner. :)
  • Thanks Gary I guess I just want everything yesterday
  • Perfectly understandable Chas when your excited about trying something new. There is a lot of 'patience' in Marks approach from setting up a studio to mixing paint, using the color checker constantly, etc. It's all good and your going to be really pleased by doing it right. Remember to stick to his approach for at least several paintings (if not for lots longer) before starting to explore other things. In doing so you will have a developed a solid base from which to (1) launch your exploration into other styles of painting or use of things like glazes and (2) to return to when some of your explorations hit a dead end and your feeling a bit lost. His approach is like a great recipe.....delicious when you follow the directions exactly but also available based on that experience to later adjust for your personal taste! Speaking of a true gourmet experience, a nice glass of wine while painting never hurt either!! :)
  • You wouldn't want to see what my painting would look like with wine. hehehe. Thanks for your help. Now I am working on getting the oil of clove but the drug store was out of it and they say that it will be in tomorrow. I looked on line for it and I see that there is one for 5.96 and another one is the refined at 13.00. I am not sure what the difference is and if it makes a difference in the medium. What one did you use?
  • Chas, I don't think it really matters as long as it 100% clove oil. That's all mine says on it, i.e., 100 % clove oil. :)
  • chas; when you get older the time it takes don't matter, I cant remember when I started. so I don't know how ??? what was the question?;) I haven't painted in 30 years, then I found Mark Carder on YouTube, and here I am.
  • Ok, Mark and others. I have a very small space for what I am using for a studio. I have a window so I am putting a black curtain over it. I have white walls. I know that I probably couldn't paint the walls black because I rent. So if I put a black or blue curtain on each side of me, do you think that will work? I do not have a white wall behind me so I think that will be ok, or what do you think? The light will go high on the ceiling when I am ready for that. The table will be replaced with the shadow box. For those that might answer I want to be as close to Mark's ideas as I can be with my situation...Chuck
  • GaryGary -
    edited May 2013
    Chas, regarding the walls, you might put a black sheet or something behind you and try that first. The whole idea with all the black is to stop/reduce any glare - you want to see the true colors in your subject and in the colors on your palette and canvas, etc. Remember your shirt can reflect light as well - I often paint in very dark cotton t-shirts. Bottom line - setup like your going to do a painting and check for any glare that might affect you ability to see true colors (subject, palette, canvas, color checker). If you find you have a glare on any of these items, locate the source of the glare - darker wall coverings is one way to do it depending on the glare source. Your doing the right thing and it will really pay off. :)
  • IKEA makes good cheap black curtains.
  • Thanks Martin and Gary, that is what I was thinking. I will know more when it get the curtain up over the window.
  • While you are waiting for supplies, just keep painting and incorporate Mark's method as much as you can. For example, you can start today with Mark's drawing method and using only the 5 colours. I can't believe how much just those two things have improved my painting... Just don't get paralyzed waiting for everything to be perfect.
  • Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
    Glare is mainly an issue behind you as you paint. The side walls should be ok. Watch the studio set up vid one more time to check yourself.
  • Thanks Graciella and that is just what I am doing
  • I like Graciella's comment about not waiting for everything to be perfect, just paint with what you have until your supplies arrive to set up as per DMP suggests. I say this because I stopped painting for 18 months because it all seemed too hard without a permanent studio, 4 kids, homeschooling, messes everywhere etc. Now I have started again (ok, I have a permanent space in our converted garage but it's not set up with proper lights or curtains yet) I realise that even a little slot here and there is do-able, it may take longer for me to achieve really beautiful paintings, but that's okay, right now the process is more important than the result. I just wanted to encourage anyone feeling that they can't do anything until everything is just right. Get your paints out and enjoy the process ;)
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