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Advice needed

This is an embellished drawing my daughter did. It is a graphite drawing on Fabriano 90lb paper. She has embellished it with fabric, beading and embroidery. The back of the drawing is not smooth and flat an there are embroidery stitches coming through. I have been given the task of organizing to get it framed. My local frames is not so experienced and once let an assistant glue down a Watercolour paintingvto a backing board like it was a print. Currently it is rolled op in a tube and flattening it out will be a challenge. Any advice anyone ? I would like to know something about it before I approach a framed...?  Forgot to say it is about 3 ft x 4 ft . 


  • That will be quite an undertaking.  I don't know how they might go about mounting.  All I know is that they will have to treat the front of the drawing like a pastel painting and double and or triple mount it with possibly spacers also to keep it from touching the glass.  Would like to know how it comes about.
  • How about something like a box frame, these are often used to frame 3D memorabilia etc. 
  • I might make a box frame myself, I am kinda handy like that. The problem will be flattening the image and attaching it to a backing  :s
  • Could it be glued ( with some sort of archival glue) to canvas?
  • marieb

    What about encapsulation in a clear resin block?


  • Find someone experienced with mounting/framing needlework. My wife had several techniques. She is no longer with us to advise. the cloth was often held in place by double stick tape then sandwiched between a back board and the cutout  matboard then acid-free glass over with spacers. The frame held everything together. My own idea is to hold the paper to the cloth with pins while the cloth is stretched or sew the paper to the cloth. I've seen this done but don't know how exactly.
  • I have no advice but that is beautiful!
  • @marieb...I agree about using box frames...I have many sculptural pieces that box frames really work for...get an experienced framer to do it...flatteniung??? mmmmmmmm  would putting it in a cold winter room where it can get a small amount of moisture in the paper help the weight of the fabrics etc pull it out flat?
  • mariebmarieb -
    edited August 2018
    Ok, Thanks for all the advice, @dencal, I think I might just encase you in resin!  Anyways, I unrolled the piece and removed the hanging bars from the top and bottom, which were glued on, as opposed to tacked, a decision which I knew would return to bite her in the Ass, but in fact, bit me ;and damaged the paper a bit in the process.  There is not as much embroidery on the back of this one as on others. I am going to use a Mount/Matt like you would with a Watercolour painting and a box frame. I will update when done..wish me luck !  I am going to prepare for a days painting with some Children that need looking after for a few hours. We are going to do Acrylic pouring... my poor studio, will I never learn  :o:oB)
  • Icing bags work well with children. Just DON'T leave the room.
  • @dencal, yep !  That’ll be you, with a box frame   :3@BOB73, they wanted to do “ Finger splattering”  :# pouring went well, minimal clean up, covered all surfaces with newspaper... a bit like how  you cover everything with plastic when you want to murder someone  B) 
  • "a bit like how you cover everything with plastic when you want to murder someone"
    What gave me away?
  • @marieb --- just love that beautiful embellished drawing your daughter did.  I really love mixing mediums like that.  Very beautiful.  I hope you sorted out the technical problems.  Very challenging.  Dianna
  • Be careful because resin could yellowing with time..Be sure to use a product it wouldn't.. I am not even sure it does exist, but it could be.
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