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My first oil painting -Landscape

MarikMarik -
edited July 2018 in Post Your Paintings
This is my first try of landscape painting by oil colors (water soluble oil colors - Reeve)
(I have some little experiences in watercolor) otherwise I paint for fun, self-taught enthusiast :)
Canvas 30x24cm, painting by arteficial light from my own photo ( from LCD monitor)
Any constructive critique, comment, tips is welcome. Thanks.



  • PaulBPaulB mod
    This is a good painting, congratulations.  You've got detail, texture, abstraction, and a nice realistic range of values.  It's a lovely serene setting.

    My critique would be that the level of detail is consistent from foreground to midground, so that the rock/root ball has the same level of detail as that central tree, and there should be more detail in the foreground than the background.  In fact, I can't tell if it's a rock, or the dirt around the roots of the fallen tree.

    I would suggest no changes, but going forward, try Mark's recommended approach of printing and laminating the picture, then color matching directly on that laminate.  I think you'll find it will improve the realism in places.

    What is your artificial light?  Is it a CRI95+ 5000K bulb?  That's ideal for color matching, anything else is going to make it harder on you.
  • edited July 2018
    @Marik, this is a wonderful first attempt at landscape!

    Overall, the colours and values are great.  I love the atmospheric perspective you have achieved with the lighter, bluer/greyer background. The composition is interesting, too.
     I agree with @PaulB re the rock/rootball at lower left. Correct values and precise drawing in this small area would fix this. If you post your reference photo we'd  be able to give more precise help.
    I'm amazed that this is your first landscape in oils. Well done!  :)
  • @PaulB and @tassieguy, thanks for your comment, it really helps me. It´s true - very low level of details in foreground - At first I tried some details in form of plant leaves and flowers, but I screwed up .. (Phthalo blue-medium yellow color combination) viz photo attached, so I overpainted with neutral mass of green.
    My specific handicap in this moment, that i have only few low quality flat brushes from Lidl shop - I wasn´t able to paint thin tree branches .. (so I didn´t paint exact what i see in the picture)
    On that painting I see lot of work, but meabe better to start some new piece than repair and repair this my first attempt..

    .. My arteficial light is quite warm (temprerature 2700K) - it´s not big deal i know - better something about 5000K ..

  • Welcome, you've started off with a great painting. Get some brushes and a good bulb. You'll see improvement right away. 
  • Really interesting composition and a good painting. I don't know how much pigmentation Reeves Water Soluble Oil Colours have (Reeves isn't known for great quality here, and I'm guessing you are in the UK with Reeves and Lidl?). If you want to step up a little you can find Cobra Water Soluble Oil Paints cheap online as well as good brushes :)
  • Considering this is your first landscape, there are amazing things happening here! I have been painting for 22 years and failed almost everyday to produce a work that satisfies me!

    @PaulB and @tassieguy have already mentioned what needs to be done. I like your sense of abstraction, center of focus, color variation, attention to detail etc.

    Only thing is the painting looks a bit chalky, meaning both lights and shadows are cool. If one side of an object is warm the other side will be cool and vice versa. This applies to every object. 
  • MarikMarik -
    edited July 2018
    @Kaustav - Thank you for your comment and the idea about warm and cool balance in the picture - I will think about it during observation time (building paint in plein-air)
    I have to apologize - I did not write that clearly first time, I´v already painted landscape - (with watercolor I've been painting for about a year) but this was my first paint made by oil.
    I switched from wartercolor to oil.

    To @Richard_P: this Reeves Water Soluble Oil Colours are my first oil colors, so I have no comparison. (Brushes are from Lidl in Czech Republik) I bought some Umton oil colors few days ago (Oil paints UMTON are intended for professional artists) I painted one plein-air ladscape last weekend and I would like to post this my production here .. so, schell I post it here, or schould I make a new discussion ?

    I would love to know your observations and comments (anybody) about work I made in plein-air by natural light ..
    (This is so so so totaly new level of observation and perception of reality, compared to painting from LCD monitor) :)

  • I would post it in a new thread. I haven't painted from real life a landscape, so some of the others would be better at providing comments :)
  • Ok.
    Well, that was meant for enybody who is interested.. I didn´t make new paragraph .. (so I corrected that)
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