Something that just caught my attention in my painting

I recently painted this (for the 2nd time cuz i was unhappy with the first one) for my father for fathers day and it had been drying for a while. I just looked at it and an area in it caught my attention because it looked like someone ran into it and smeared a spot in the middle of it or something.  What i think happened is i think the canvas sucked up some of the paint because the area doesnt look like something i would have been ok with leaving like it is.  Throwing up some pictures.. i'll circle the area.


  • Ah crap i always do that..  sorry give me a moment to actually put the picture on here !  ahh!
  • Funny the same picture looks completely different in color when taken from the same camera(iphone) just a closer shot. anywhere here are the two pictures.

    Still cant believe the picture looks orange when i took a closer picture.. but anyway i'm posting this because i'm curious if i'm correct in guessing that the canvas absorbed the oil paint?  and maybe I need to put a thicker base coat?  i think this is my 3rd oil painting so I actually have been putting on much thicker base coats but I just wanted to put this out there and see what was going on with it.  Thank you much.
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    That's normal, we refer to it as "sunken in".  Assuming your canvas was properly sealed/primed, it's fine.  When it dries after six months, varnishing it will restore the colors in that area.
  • Ah! Awesome.  I know some painting terms now! Not feeling like such a beginner. Thanks for the info sir.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Nice painting.

    Using a phone to photograph is hard, because it keeps adjusting colors for you.  I think it assumes everything is a damn selfie.  For best phone photo results, take the painting outside in real light, and as you did in the first shot, against a white background.
  • You have a very nice painting there
  • Im having the same event, though for the most part its a good thing but now I want to put in some final "white"  and other colors that I don't want to sink!, so should I let it dry out a bit before these last touches?
    Very nice paintings LeeEvolving!
  • Here's something you might find helpful.

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