Charcoal tip

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If you want charcoal to be less dusty, deeper black and more linear in application, then soak a few short lengths in linseed overnight. Willow charcoal treated this way behaves in a similar manner to a black Conte Crayon.

The downside is erasing is difficult and so is shading. I prefer to switch back to dry charcoal for shading.
When the linseed dries the charcoal is unusable.

W&N have a short video here.




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    Hmm.  Disguised advertising to increase sales of willow charcoal and linseed oil?   To me it seems like a lot of product to waste for such minimal effect.  Perfection can already be attained without it.  :)  
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    That was very interesting!  I have never heard of that before (not that that means anything) but I love charcoal and will try this on my next sketches.  Thank you for sharing.  I wonder if it matters much that it is vine vs willow?  I'll do a little experiment and find out.  :)
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