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New Years resolution

it seems like since I started here I’ve been doing nothing but waiting for stuff to be delivered.  Anyway this week my paint brushes will be delivered and that will be the last thing I can blame on my tools. So it’s time to set some goals that will hopefully motivate me to paint every day. I’m setting the alarm at 6 so I’ll have at least an hour and a half before work to do some painting.  

The question now now is am I better off starting a new painting every day even if I don’t completely finish it or am I better off spending  a whole week on a single painting to try and make it perfect. Which way would I learn the most do you think?


  • Veronique

    The speed or frequency of painting has little to do with achieving your aims.
    The biggest benefit comes from the analysis of past effort and the planning of future work.

    I suggest joining a figure drawing group, meet some folk on the same journey and share good ideas.
    Start an art journal, use thumbnail sketches to explore composition. An iPad or iPhone camera is helpful.

    I agree with Boudicca, you urgently need to set up your shadow box lighting properly.
    Mark shows how to set up with a chimney and filters on his free videos.

    Allow yourself plenty of time to paint and slow down, there are no prizes for finishing first.


  • Good advice as always.thanks denis
  • Denis is always right but every painter is different. Starting a new painting every day with only an hour or so to work on it would not work for me and encourage me to work to fast. Set goals for quality not quantity. Rushing yourself in the early stages of a learning process can be disastrous. The sketch diary is a good way to make sure you engage in your art every day but it's ok to take a week or a month or a year to complete one painting.
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