Edge in my painting is catching the light, suggestions please.

I had a painting that was 90% done but I had to leave for a few months and of course it dried in the meantime.
So I took it back out today and had to correct the edge on something making it smaller than it had been. After I painted I realized I could see the edge was catching the light. 
   Do I wipe what paint I put on today or leave it all to dry then lightly sand down the edge or should I let the area dry again and then sand it?
Any other options?
Thanks in advance


  • cadia

    The new paint will ‘sink’ and become less reflective as it dries,

    Regardless, a uniform surface gloss will be apparent after the final varnish in six months.

    Suggest examination of the problem in a normal room lighting, not the studio lighting.

    When applying paint, use a vertical stroke, where possible to reduce this type of reflection.

    Keep your paint at a ‘ketchup’ consistency, with stroke levelers such as stand oil and Venice turpentine, unless you are seeking an impasto surface.


  • Thank you Denis for those suggestions, I will try them!
  • My mother once tried to solve this issue on a oil painting on stretched muslin. She used an electric iron. It did not work and she burnt her fingers as well. So don't try that option. I saw the painting many years later and did not see the ridge. Denis is right about the varnish.
  • Thank you Bob!
    This particular painting is one I know I’ll be keeping so it will be much nicer - since I’ll be looking at it- that I won’t have to agonize over that spot forever!!!
  • I had a similar problem with a line I wanted to move.  I carved off the old edge with a small, thin palette knife and then painted over it.
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