HI Everyone

I've been on the forum for maybe a week or two, but thought I would introduce myself here. It is my ambition to illustrate my own book. Except for editing, and some minor rewriting, the text is done. I've studied classical drawing at the Atelier of Classical Realism, in Oakland, California, and am now doing my first oil painting. I'll be studying with Mark in July. Really looking forward to that, and to learning more about oil painting. I'm glad to meet you all!


  • Welcome James. What kind of a book is it?
  • Hi Veronique. It's a book about an alternative way of looking at the world. By analogy, we could compare it to the development of linear perspective in painting, which first appeared, or so it is said,  around 1415 A.D. Prior to that, most people created paintings without linear perspective in mind. Now habitually, most of us evaluate what is going on around us using some combination of common sense and standard logic, but suppose that there is another way of evaluating that is as different from what we have been doing as linear perspective was back in the day. My book is about how such a system was developed over a period of about 100 years on another planet. So it is the history of a system of evaluation that was developed on an alien world, but which we can now use here on earth. It is a quite serious book, a textbook if you will, that for fun is told as a historical narrative.               
  • Wow so creative and you’re an artist too!
  • Hi, @Gosseyn. Welcome to the forum. :)
  • Welcome. Perspectives from another world? Another world as in California? 
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