Framers on the East Coast?

I'm in DC, and although we have loads of framing places, we don't have that many representational painters who frame their work, so most of these guys make their money by charging K Street Firms $$$ to frame their prints. Any recommendations for reputable framers in the area? I'm looking for reasonably priced, high quality tradional (as opposed to contemporary) framing options.



  • Dallas has a shop that sells discount framing by the foot for those who frame their own and sells wholesale to framers. A framer told me about it. I would imagine other big cities have the same.
  • Martin, I think I know of some, but need to look and see. I use framers here in Arizona and some out of state ones I really like. Oh Wait! I remember one you will love! It is in Hampton Roads, VA. They sell Omega readymades and will do custom framing. The link is not their home page, but just for frames. These are top gallery quality frames. I have used a lot of them, but ordered from a local dealer. A tip. the Black mouldings with gold liners are the latest "hot' style now, and really looks great on most paintings. :)
  • Awesome. Thanks, guys - AZ, that's right in my neck of the woods!
  • Martin, these Omega Frames are great frames. Note that the way this catalog is designed is a bit confusing. It looks like the same moulding in several photos, but if you read what it says, that is the moulding, but some are gold, some silver, some black and gold and some black and silver they are also different widths of mouldings. Beautiful photography, but that must have eaten their budget sine the same picture is used for different finishes. :D I am sure you will be very happy with these and the price cannot be beat!
  • Ok I just checked out their prices and and picking myself back up off the floor. :-)
  • Pretty good, huh? This old guy won't steer you wrong. :)
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