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I have a painting that is black in the background. Should I use a bright color for my signature in the lower right. I'm thinking a darker color. So that you can see it but barely. Then sign and date on the back. What's your opinion? 


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I would not use a bright color, neither would I date a picture.

    I suggest a low-contrast color for the signature.  You want it legible, but it should not distract at all from the painting.
  • Actually, I find signing the work one of the most difficult tasks in painting. That being said, ALWAYS sign your work! It is more important to sign the painting than date it. I usually use black on light backgrounds and light grey on dark ones. Some folks use a complimentary color from the color wheel. I finally gave up on trying to paint a signature and now I use a fine point permanent marker. As long as the paint is good and dry I have never had a problem with this method. Good luck ArtsieGirl I am looking forward to seeing your work )
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