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Posting a 20x16 WIP. Although progress is a relative term.-DONE



  • You are doing the thing that I have never been able to do. Truly following the rules of Markdom and moving slow and being careful. This is gonna be awesome!!!!
  • INCREDIBLE! ^:)^
  • :-O WOW! Amazing. :-O
  • The hard part is done and looks amazing. Nice work!
  • So good. I think the slow method of painting is paying off.
  • Very interesting thread + painting.
    Thank you for sharing!
  • not be put off...try to relax and took me a year to do my first (we had to move to India in the middle of it) if you look at my trumpet painting in the old tcm painting thread you'll see the amount of detail it took..

    really the only thing I found to do was enjoy the process...every time you stand back for a break it is amazing to turn around and see how good the work is...because what you have done here IS good...

  • GaryGary -
    edited May 2013
    I love this painting Scot. Your doing a fantastic job...the dog is terrific. Wonderful details with the subtle shadows across each glass frame. It will take time to do the rest of the bricks but enjoy the character of each and every one. Kind of like little brick portrait paintings, each with its own unique characteristics and each deserving of your full attention including the very last one. :)

    @judith Judith I remember your trumpet painting in the old forum, it was fantastic and a great example of patience, attention to detail and a beautiful result. I also remember wishing I could send fans to you for the heat and you working your way through brown outs. I guess those days and memories now qualify for your memory category of "the good old days"! ;)
  • Thanks for all the encouragement. I hope I don't give the impression that I'm not enjoying the process here because I really am. I *would* like to be a bit faster but I'm assuming speed will come with experience. This is only my second painting.

    @LizONeal "Rules of Markdom" haha! Yes! I'm trying so hard to live in the kingdom of Mark!! :D Now if I could just somehow manage to do so at something a little higher than quarter speed....

    @judith Thanks for the encouragement. I'd not seen your trumpet painting so I went and found it on the forum. It's fantastic, love it.

    @Gary I'm finding every square inch of the painting to be its own little painting but I have been able to relax and just paint. Advice from you and others here on that topic has really helped. Thanks.
  • I'm very impressed with that dog.
  • Looking absolutely amazing. What a wonderful painting it's going to be. Can't wait for the next update.
  • That dog (and everything else) is amazing!!! What an epic effort. Kudos to you for having the patience to use such small brushes. I personally would have gone quite insane. Can't wait to see it progress. This is really fantastic =D>
  • opnwyder; When your finished you will have something to be proud of. Looks great so far. ^:)^
  • somehow I missed your update on the wip.... it is looking awesome!! You are doing a great job on your color mixing... and the dog looks very good. The only thing I would offer in the way of suggestion is the leaves are too perfect... to much in alingment which is causing an artifical feel....all in all a fantastic painting! :-bd
  • @shirley_seput I know what you mean about the leaves and it worries me a bit. When I started the painting, I got intimidated with the formless appearance of the brick/stone on the far left and the leaves. So I sort of idealized them both. Then I started gaining confidence with the rest of the painting and started just painting what I saw. Now I have a contrast between the two styles and I still have a bunch of leaves left to do. So I'm not sure how to approach the remaining leaves. Eh, I'll just paint it and see what happens. Thanks for looking so closely at it for me. I'm encouraged when I see the same problems that you see.
  • Awsome painting! Your patience is really paying off. For some reason this reminds me of Vermeer. This painting to be more specific:,0
  • edited May 2013
    @ebs Wow, I've looked at that Vermeer many times but now I have a new perspective on it looking at his bricks and windows. Having spent so many hours painting bricks and windows lately, I have a new found respect for paintings that depict them. Thanks for the encouragement and for pointing me at that Vermeer, I looked at it for a long enjoyable time.

    -Scot White
  • Scot, There is nothing in your painting (including the timeframe) that should cause you embarrassment. Superbly handled so far. The nuance in the light on the window mullions blows me away as does the pooch. (You might want to look at the value of the dog's nose as compared to the photo, needs to come down a hair) I wouldn't even mention it as it's such a slight difference, but the animal will draw the viewer's eye as a focal point.
    I agree with everyone else that you should just carry on. The values will be far easier to judge when the canvas is covered. Can't wait to see the finished painting, whenever that is. It'll be worth the wait.
  • ebs said:

    Awsome painting! Your patience is really paying off. For some reason this reminds me of Vermeer. This painting to be more specific:,0

    you know I loooooove Vermeer...but I have to say in this painting it takes effort to make the lady in the alleyway looks so flat!

    maybe an effect of being a photo of the painting????
  • Looks wonderful Scot!
  • Fabulous, fabulous ... love the concept of the painting, this is going to be really good!!
  • Very photographic, the photograph on it's own is stunning.
  • I am ready for an update doc! :D
  • Looks very good I look forward to seeing more.
  • Scot, been waiting for this update. First off, Golf is a necessity not a distraction. lol.
    Your wip is so good. You have every reason to be pleased. I looked and looked but the only critique I can offer is that the contrast in the values in the photo is a touch stronger in a few places than in the painting... but it's such a tiny difference...just keep going .
    It's awesome!!! :-bd
  • This is turning out to be a really cool painting. Your texture on the brick is great; talk about having some patience! The only thing I see is the foliage in the top left corner. I think you might have defined some of your leaves a little too much. The entire painting is photo=realistic except for that portion with the leaves. Maybe just blend some of the edges of those leaves so they aren't so defined... that is what I would do. But hey, if you like the way they look, go for it! Ultimately it is your painting.
  • Scott, I have only just seen your wip post for the first time ,prob because you updated.Did you say that this is your second Carder Method painting ? It is incredible...I love the detail,and the leaver are certainly challenging. What medium did you paint with previously ?
  • @jcdr Unfortunately, golf is driving me to distraction. :)) Part of the painting is completely dry and so there is a little flatter look to it now. The lack of contrast in values is something I can't really explain. I think I tend to not make the lights light enough. It does seem to be fairly consistent. Not sure if I care or not, was thinking to decide once the whole thing is done.

    @cwwheelock I know what you mean about the leaves. When I started this painting I really didn't have much confidence so I sort of "idealized" the leaves. As I moved forward I started feeling more comfortable just painting what I saw. Now I'm having to return to more foliage and I'm unsure how to treat it. The area where the leaves are in the upper left is dry too, making it a bigger challenge to alter them. Live and learn.

    @marieb This is my second CM painting. HERE is the first one. I've drawn in the past but I've never painted aside from four very bad paintings done 10 years ago that I spent about an hour per painting on. Thanks for the encouragement, I'm really having trouble staying focused on this.
  • GREAT work!!! Love it!!!
  • Thanks for updating... it was worth the wait... fantastic job you are doing. :-bd
  • When you are done? It's going to be hard to tell which is the reference photo. Fantastic!!!
  • it real or is it memorex. Great job and wonderful progression.
  • l love, love, love this painting. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside - the sleepy dog, the old brick, fabulous windows. Amazing work and great composition.
  • @opnwyder You definitely have what it takes to paint if that was your first painting... you have patience and a good eye...hope I am as good
  • This is coming along so well, I love everything about it ... keep going, keep going =D> =D>
  • Oh my gosh, that's fantastic! =D>
  • n0ll4nn0ll4n -
    edited August 2013
    I congratulate you. I admire the patience it must have required. Very good result! ^:)^ =D>
  • Congratulations! Very well done! Thanks for sharing during your progress on this.
  • which side is the reference photo and which side is the painting? :D
  • This is a stunner! Well worth the wait. Absolutely beautiful!
  • I googled "the dog of Bruges" - so incredibly cute! You have a wonderful painting to remind you of your trip!
  • Wow Scot ... you must feel pretty darn proud of this accomplishment... you certainly should it is probably the most impressive of all the new works by someone just taking up this method that I have ever seen. Your rendering of all the subtle changes in value is so good ... I am thrilled for you and look forward to your next! :-bd
  • Excellent work Scot.

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