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Spring in the garden, Happy Mother's Day!!

A fantastic Mother's Day here in north central Montana.  My wife's garden is starting to pop, and I figured I'd share some photos.  And one bonus shot of two of our three goofballs, Otto and Phoenix.  Otto puts up with plenty. Feel free to use as reference if you wish. 


  • These photos are first rate.  Last year you mentioned that you had a dslr and was thinking about getting a new lens.  I assume you took these with the new lens.  The flowers are magnificent, but I relate more to your pets, however, and this shot of them has kept me laughing most of the day.  Thanks for posting them.  Summer
  • Oh my goodness gracious!!!!!!!!!!!!!   These are stunning!  I love your yard and that bicycle!  I want that!

  • edited May 2018
    Beautiful photos and garden! I also like the bicycle one. I have my eye on a aqua colored bicycle, quite similar style, looks real beautiful in the sunshine and against the greens in the background, in my own neighborhood. And "Tulip Festival" in my city is happening successfully, just on time, here in Ontario, Canada.
  • Makes me want to tip-toe through the tulips. Great photos. Garden Bike, what a great idea. 
  • My wife bought it for 5 bucks then spruced it up.  She needed an old bike, and a friend from church had a pile of them.
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