Painting Panels

Has anyone used Innerglow Painting Panels? has all the technical info about them and David Leffel recommends them.


  • Hi Grandma, went to the site, 1/2" thick wood seems heavy, and the price isn`t that good. AZpainter mentioned fredrix portrait cotton duck. their Ultra smooth canvas blue label looks pretty good. I just bought 24"x30" cotton from Dick Blick for around $50 fredrix has same size in portrait smooth, 6 pack for $112.95. that`s $18.82 each, can`t see how you can beat that.
  • Well that's why I asked if anyone had used them. They are HIGHLY recommended since they come from the Art Studio recommendation. I've been using Masonite panels some, some canvas panels and some stretched cotton canvas. The 1/2 thickness is the same as a stretched canvas unless you get one of the thicker ones, but these boards are archival quality and cotton canvas isn't. They are considerable cheaper than linen. They are about the same price I've been paying for cotton canvas so it seemed to me they might be better quality at a cheaper price, but I wondered if anyone had personal knowledge. Apparently several very good painters are using them. I'm about finished with practice paintings and going to start some I hope are of framing quality so I am looking for a good foundation for them. This sounds pretty good. And I like the fact that you'd almost have to burn them to damage them.
  • Grandma

    Checkout Ampersand Gessobord (sic) this is supposed to be top quality archival.
    I will pick up a few of these when I pass through Melbourne next month.

  • Grandma, There are several makers of gessoed panels. Ampersand is one of the bigger companies, but RayMar is another and has excellent products and so does SourceTek. They have wood panels (Birch) MDF (Masonite), Gatorboard with linen or cotton and one called Featherlite (RayMar). I have used Ampersand gessoed panels, RayMar and Source Tek linen panels on MDF and Gatorboard and all are excellent and reasonably priced. For myself I tend to use mdf panels I make and prepare myself. I also make some of my own linen panels on mainly Gatorboard, but sometimes on mdf. Several reasons for this, one is I tend to like non standard sizes when it comes to smaller paintings (8x12, 12x18, 10x16 and squares or near squares (10x12) etc.) RayMar and Source Tek will make these, but take longer to get and cost a little more. (Source Tek)
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