garden pond

I tries to stick with Mark's method a bit more closely this time. I was painting from a picture on my tablet and I had a very tough time matching the colors. My values are a bit off too, which I discovered after looking at the original and mine in grayscale. (wish I had thought to do that sooner in the process!)

I would love to hear what you guys think!




  • Randy, it's cool. I like the sky reflection and the lilipads. I think you can still go ahead and work on the values if you want, no reason you can't. Pull and push the values and temperatures to add depth.

  • Thanks Garry! This was a 5x7, I think I would like to do this again, but on a larger canvas.
  • I would like to see you sharpen the details, but that is just my personal preference. I like the 3 dead leaves, the one pink flower and the 2 yellow leaves in the upper right as contrast. When I squint my eyes the green of the leaves and the blue of the sky are too much the same in value which is what I think you already noticed. I like the strong diagonals in the composition.
  • I like the sky reflections and the leaves but the rocks bug me.
  • Randy the sky reflections are good and the overall subject matter is as well, but you are right, if your canvas was three times the size you would have the control you want.
  • I like it all and wouldn't change a thing! Very nice composition. :-bd
  • Thanks for the feedback all!

    Sue, would you have left the rocks out or is it something else? I'm curious.
  • Sorry if I sounded insensitive. It seems so often with my paintings something will bug me but I can't put my finger on it, and this is the case here. I wouldn't have left them out, because I think the water needs a good grounding. But if something bugs me in my painting, the first thing I will go to is the value. It seems I can always screw anything else up, color, composition, drawing, etc., but never the value. That is the one that will always seem to sneak up behind you and bite on the ah, you know. I always dislike being critical because art is always opinion, but I guess if it had been me, I would have made them darker, and then if they were darker, bigger. And maybe some sunlit highlights. And sorry again, I'm not one to criticize, it was just my first impression.
  • I like it as is plus I know I'm looking at a photo of a painting so I can only imagine how great this is in person :) I like the colors! I think you did a superb painting ^:)^
  • Thanks Tjs! I actually painted it this size for a mystery art fundraiser at our local arts council. I've never entered a painting in something like this, so I'm hoping it will be purchased.

    Sue, I didn't think you were insensitive in the least. I have been lurking on the boards and find your comments to be very helpful, so was honestly curious to hear your thought process. :)
  • Hey there mach... lovely colors and I am impressed you got so much detail on such a small size canvas... the persons who gets it is lucky. :-bd
  • I love the blue against the green. Very soothing.
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