Painting Wood grain.

I am just finishing the sketch for my second painting.  As part of my still life (from life) I screwed some old faded boards to the back of my shadow box.  I am seeking advice/directions before I actually start painting.  I noticed the old wood's grain is fairly straight lines very close together and evenly spaced.  The color of the grain I think will be doable as it is just a darker gray.  But how can I get such fine parallel lines so close to each other.  I used to do calligraphy in my youth so I could probably practice getting hairlines with a brush, but they are parallel and close to each other.  I'm concerned that deviations from closely packed parallel lines will make the painting look wrong.  It almost looks like you could paint it if you had a brush with spaces between the groups of hairs so that a single line would make several of the fine hairlines.  Is there a technique for painting old wood? 


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