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I do oil painting, mostly still life, portraiture, realism.  I was thinking of  going to and trying to sell my art at an Art In the Park in a near by town.  The show is two days long. This is be my first time and I would like to hear from those of you that have done some kind of festive, art show etc.
1- What quantity of art did you do for the show?
2- Was the show worth it?  Did you sell some or none?
3- There are start up expenses. A 10 x 10 tent, having your art photographed for the submission and a web site, business cards, travel, hotels room.  If I broke even I think that would mean success.

All words of wisdom are very welcome.


  • Onerom1945

    A good idea is to attend a few art shows. Take a camera and notebook. Talk to the stall holders or exhibitors. 

    We discussed art art show participation here;


  • Breaking even might be "Great Expectations". Do your home work as Denis suggests. Every venue has different rules, learning them is part of the homework.
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    I haven't done any art show yet, but I would advise you to count the number of days you have and plan everything in advance... as you might find roadblocks where you  never expected... Apparently to Square (card swipe machine company) I don't exist, neither my soical security number....

    for your first show you could also try renting some of the equipments, like panels, tents, etc... unless you know you will be doing it every year and think its wiser to invest by buying....
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    @anwesha   this link didn't work?
     I use square all the time with my vacation rental business - have never heard of someone not being able to use it  - you should be able to get $1,000 worth of free processing with that link - it has even worked for European friends of mine who set up an account.    That little card reader is invaluable at art fairs.  I don't understand why you cant set up a square account?  that's a huge bummer.

    @Onerom1945 fairs are very hard work, exhausting physically and emotionally but can be fun and a great experience.  I highly recommend having some smaller works that are reasonably priced for the general public - I sell a ton of 2x3 little oil paintings with little easels - if not for the smaller items, it's difficult to make a profit unless you get lucky and someone comes in and plops down a large sum for a large painting.   Good luck - you never know unless you try!

    Personality is key - I see so many artists who sit in a corner and look at their cell phone in their booth all day and wonder why no one comes in and stays - people want to engage - if you're not an extravert or friendly, I highly suggest having a partner who is.  Patrons want to feel a connection to the artist - the story.
  • @Julianna , some problem identifying me in their data base.... it worked for my husband though.. just my data... its very rare though..... I've mailed them , waiting for their response....
  • @anwesha    can you get them to send a free reader under your husband's account?  As long as you have something like that - you'll definitely get more sales with something easy and secure - buyers love it.
  • @Julianna : I can order it in his name, but eventually i would need to use it in my square account... considering the legal issues...  :/
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