Winsor & Newton Winsor Walter mixable oil paints

greeting all

I am in my first DMP process. In order to avoid any posibility of toxic spirits, I start to use Winsor & Newton Winsor Walter mixable oil paints.(my geneva paints are on the way) however they dry very quick over night in room temperature of 20 degree. So next day when I thin the prepared mixed paints with water, they become brighter in their tone. It is really annoying. Any one want to share their experiece to make the paints work better? Appreciate!


  • Jiashen

    Avoid water like the plague. Use a medium of oil and a citrus solvent. if you use Mark’s slow dry medium with the WMs you’ll get an open time on the palette of about a week, in small containers of about six weeks and a couple of years for stock tube color and SDM in airtight containers with glass marbles to displace the oxygen in the air.

    This method has no unexpected color shift on mixing or drying.


  • Thank you!  @dencal but Citrus solvent is toxic if I understand right. I don’t want to use any solvent at all which is my problem. Water mixable oil paints should be good with water per my understanding....
  • Jiashen

    Yes. You are correct. Citrus in heavy concentration is harmful. The answer lies in dose and response.
    Water is the most common solvent and given a sufficient dose, will kill you. About eight litres will do it.
    Mixed with wm paint and a slow dry medium containing citrus the VOC is minimal. In combination with good studio ventilation, closed containers and waste management I cannot smell anything other than clove oil. I am however, very sensitive to Turps and OMS.

    All reports suggest that there is a color shift when WMs are mixed with water. Further, that the color returns to the original value when dry.

    If these two issues cannot be resolved, accepted or managed then your only answer is to wait for the Geneva paint.

    I painted quite happily with stand oil alone with tube color.


  • @dencal Haha thank you! Yes, in the end probably Geneva paint is my only way. And inspired by your last line written above, I think I am going to try WN linser stand oil made for watermixable oil paints to see how it would work together. But what do you mean by ‘Water is the most common solvent and given a sufficient dose, will kill you. About eight litres will do it.’ ? 
  • Jiashen

    What I meant is that anything can be toxic in the wrong place or concentration.
    Drink eight litres of water and it will be fatal.


  • @dencal BTW, Today I bought the WN linseed stand oil. It works much better with improving the consistency of water mixable paints Thank water. I am happily continuing my first DMP painting now. Thank you!
  • You can drown in less than eight liters of water too. 
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