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Lighting question for studio

 Greetings all!
 I'm looking to set up a studio in my home in the near term.  I know the lighting is recommended at 5000 K 85 W my question is is there any difference between LED and  fluorescent?  Mark recommended fluorescent lighting but I've seen people post with LED lights. Also  what level or number should be the CRL rating? I'm a bit confused on that point. I've seen CRL from anywhere from 65 to 195.  Any brands recommend? I've been looking through the forum and I see all the wonderful posts and some of the great ideas in terms of setting up the studio and I want to say thank you all for your input. 
 All the best, 


  •  Local bulb store has 5000 K 100 W 1600 lumen LED with a CRL of 90. Would those be adequate? Thank you in advance!
  • dencaldencal -
    edited March 2018

    LED is my preference for the cool running characteristics.
    LED emits a broad and even spectrum. Fluoro is variable and spiked.
    For art I have seen CRI recommendations at 95 or above. This can be expensive. However, LED lasts forever.
    Fluoros contains toxics such as fluorine, neon, and lead powder as well as mercury. LEDs have none of these.


  • Denis
    Thank you for your post. 
  • Found a 6 pack of 5000K bulbs with a CRI of 95 and a luminous flux of 380lm-420lm. They weren't cheap but look to last a long time. I couldn't find a bulb at 5000K with a CRI any higher than 95. 
    All the best
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    I couldn't find a bulb at 5000K with a CRI any higher than 95. 

    You probably won't.  The CRI is a measure of how faithfully the bulb matches daylight or incandescent light.  An incandescent bulb scores 100.
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