Decided to create a medium

I mixed a medium using the dmp medium recipe. I can' wait to try it out.

Has anyone else done this? Does it work well?



  • jdbunch39

    Yep. Mixed a litre a few years ago, now nearly finished. Works well with W&N Artist Oil Color and with the Artisan Water Mixable Oils. Tube color and SDM lasts for years in airtight containers. Value strings in small containers lasts about six weeks.

    Geneva is not available to Australians.


  • Mark Carder's recipe for slow dry medium is great, I use it for W&N oil paints. The medium recipe for Rembrandt white with linseed oil is a different mix. You may also want to try making your own "brush dip", safflower oil and 2% clove oil, reduces cleaning efforts for brushes and helps them last for what seems like forever, and they always perform great.
  • I agree @PaulBI definitely intend on buying Geneva, I just didn' want to waste all my current paint so I decided to use this method for making my paint softer and easier to use until I can afford Geneva. 
  • I'm very happy to know, someone like Mr. Carder is giving us so much info for free. I also hope to save up for his one on one classes one day. In my opinion he is a living master.
  • I have used the SDM in my oil paints for years now.  It works great.  You will need to add more clove oil to the burnt umber or it will dry up quicker than the rest.
  • @dencal, so Mark's medium recipes will work with water soluble oil?  I have been using straight linseed formulated for water soluble.  I have not tried anything with turpentine.
  • Jeff

    WM oils are just oil paint. They can be mixed with any medium (Oils and solvents) that are used in standard oil paint. Used as pure WMs, or mixed with specially formulated WM mediums, gives them the special property of dilution and clean up with water.

    The useable timeframes described above apply to WM paints with Mark’s SDM formula. I do not use water at all. Selecting WMs for the lower price point, ready availability, conformity with W&Ns Artist Quality range, and ability to use, say citrus solvent, and/or Liquin,  if painting in a group or classroom setting.


  • I made my own medium,brush dip, brush holder and colour checker from the recipes and tutorials freely offered by Mark,  which work well. Geneva products are unavailable in my country- Australia. 
  • @movealonghome, you must have mixed up a lot of paint to have a lot of paint unused. I ghave paint that was mixed 2 yrs ago that is still good, though it needed more medium added to it recently. Could you not use your ready mixed paint for something you don’t need to dry so quickly... or sell it to someone and convert them to DMP  =)
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