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Contemplating a new approach

My question to all you master artists I've been stalking for the past few days is as follows.

In order for me to learn dmp. Should I start with simplicity such as a still life vs. Trying a portrait. I don't consider myself new to painting but i am new to dmp. And i know its gonna be a rough ride to learn the method. I'm leaning more toward still life. But I really want to try a portrait. What do you brilliant artists suggest?


  • Buy Mark's video.  Watch all of his youtube channel uploads.  He makes it simple.
  • jdbunch39

    Mark suggests the best way to learn observation, mixing, perspective, dividers, checker, seeing values is to freeze all the variables in a still life, using a light balanced shadow box. Start simple and by the time you have done four still lifes DMP will be second nature to you.


  • Thank you guys. I've never been taught how to paint, I always felt like I was doing it all wrong. And after see dmp I realized it's gonna be great having a foundation of fundamentals to work with. And yes @movealonghome I think color checking a not blending will be the hard part. Especially not blending. So I think I'm going to take some time and build a shadow box etc. Thanks for ya'lls help
  • still life from life will teach you faster and better. I've only done it from photos and I'm still struggling. 
    Choose three objects with dissimilar sizes and shapes. Don't try to challenge yourself too much with the first ones. Don't just line the objects up. put them into some arrangement that lets you think is artistic.
  • @jdbunch39:  in regards to your concern about blending, a good way to look at it is think in terms of pieces of color or a mosaic.  When you look at something you are perceiving small colored shapes that your mind will optically blend together to create forms. Let your eyes do the blending rather than the paint.

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