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Hi everyone, hi Mark
I enjoy the discussions and your videos very much. I am new to Geneva oil paints and I am working on a canvas with them right now. 
I seem to have a problem, -with any oil colors- for loading paint on my brush. How do you do this, Mark? How come on your videos you have your brush fully loaded and can brush paint on the canvas several times whout going back to the puddle again?
Also, if for any reason I want to apply a glaze which médium do you recomend I use: I have quite a bit of Liquin, which I used to use before starting to paint with Geneva oils. What do you think?
I live in Mexico City and have quite good weather coditions, especially when it is not the rainy season, like now. I discovered that in order to dry the painting faster I must have a window open otherwise it takes forever to dry. I do love the buttery sensatión of the GPaints.
I would very much appreciate your answer.
Keep well
Alexis Celis


  • This is a question best answered by Mark @Mark_Carder but Having the right brushes helps and you should also know the Geneva paints are formulated to not need additional mediums. They are also formulated to dry very slow to facilitate working in ala prima style and don't lend them selves to painting in layers/glazing. I load a brush by dipping and turning my brush in a scooping motion from a tablespoon size pile when I want to cover an area. These videos might help. The first is painting wet-in-wet (ala prima) the second is painting wet on dry.

  • Hi @alexiana43 I've been working with Mark's Geneva paints for about a year they're really great and magnificent I have to confess they are the best oil paints that I've tried in many years since the 1970s  to see if I can answer your question...
    I have found myself  where I want to give it a little bit more of a glazing or flow to the paint so I just use  3 parts gamsol oms and  1 parts  stand oil , but I very rarely do that because these paints are designef for you not to need any more medium they come mixed with the medium already, in addition  maybe try to grab a brush that's a little stiffer , even a hog bristle 3 or 4 inches wide or something and push the paint around like that.. hopefully this helps :)
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