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hi again,
I have started painting using turpentine and linseed oil.i have made 50-50 of both medium recently for allaprima work.
i have not done any oil painting with ,in keeping the fat over lean in mind.i know i will have to add more oil in coming layers(making the above layers flexible)..
i also might try i was looking for getting liquin and also oms(in substitute for normal turpentine,as it smells uglyy) and also a sbstitute for linseed oil as it has a tendency to get yellow with time with maybe stand oil or something.
What medium do you guys use?
i am basically looking for something which dries not slow as i want to build layers.even might try glazing.
how does liquin fits in fat over lean rule 
what about glazing and fat over lean.
bear with me please,loads of ques!.new to oil painting.
thank you


  • hussain

    According to Winsor & Newtons Q&A, the real objective of the fat over lean principle is to apply ever more flexible layers above less flexible layers. By adding more Liquin one also makes the paint more pliable, thus each successive layer would become more flexible than the last and thus no cracking could occur.... 

    Liquin is a modified soy oil, so you won’t need to. Add more.

    Liquin is perfect for a fast (24hrs) drying glazing medium.

    Stand oil is a modified linseed oil. Sun thickened originally, but no doubt there is an industrial process these days.

    OMS needs good ventilation, just because it does not smell it as strong as turps, don’ t be fooled, it is still harmful.


  • thanks @dencal
    appreciate the help.will keep the oms part in consideration.
    in context to liquin,
    its a glazing medium,but can i use it for layering or for mark's direct method?and maybe also using oils with it to extend the time as needed.can i get opaque consistency with liquin.
    i need to learn a lot :)

  • hussain

    but can i use it for layering

    • Yes.

    or for mark's direct method?

    • Yes. But you will lose all the benefits of a long open time.

    and maybe also using oils with it to extend the time as needed.

    • Yes. But be mindful that total mediums should be around 5 to 10% to ensure good polymer formation and a durable surface. Oil paint from the tube comprises 20 to 50% oil already.

    can i get opaque consistency with liquin.

    • Yes. In line with the opacity of the pigment.
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