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Participating in a Summer Art Festival (event updates)



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    Congratulations, @anwesha. I'm so glad it was a positive experience for you and that you sold some paintings - which doesn't surprise me because your work is so beautiful. It does feel good when people view your work in the flesh and ohhh and ahhh over it, doesn't it! Next time the weather will be good and you already have your tent so you can look forward to a profit at the next art fair. Well done! :)
  • @Kaustav , @tassieguy : Thank you ! i think whatever the weather might  have been, its a blessing to have atleast a platform made for you to show your art... where you can exhibit and interact directly and i am truly thankful for that... it was good to sell some as now i will have space for  new ones too in my home... I am looking forward to the next one now...
  • Anwesha

    I admire your courage and determination to see this through. Well done! Best wishes for the next event.


  • Thank you so much @dencal ! I am really thankful for the support, encouragement and tips I got from this forum... This forum has been an integral part of this journey and will continue to be  <3
  • Great report. Thanks @anwesha. I'm glad you survived your first show with no bad experiences. I'm not surprised at the lack of interest in realism by the other vendors and patrons. One thing I've noticed at local shows here is that local people like local scenes (skylines, streetscapes, parkscapes and things the city identifies with.) maybe that would ring true in Chicago. 

    Comiskey Park in the 50s

    I also think people who like nostalgia also appreciate realism. I hope you will be ready for next year's "Old Town Art Fair"
  • PS, if there are any trunnion bridges left in Chicago, they make great subjects. So does this Chicago landmark.

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    Thank you @BOB73 , @movealonghome . I do not know whether we'll be staying as long in Chicago for the Old town art fair next year, but if i do, i definitely plan to apply. I also plan to go around Chicago for some good shots.... I'm no photographer.... but I will try my best...I also have some plans for some flower still lifes, especially with peonies.... looking forward to the week end to getting these done
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited June 2018
    Take what  you've learned from DMP and apply them to photography, especially composition and color harmony. People taking snapshots generally want the subject in full light but for art, it's the shadows, contrast and angles that make things interesting. Don't make post cards. You will do well.
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