How to remember where to place each colour

Hi everyone, love Mark and his method but am getting stuck one problem.

I lay out my colours on the palette. Usually about 4 to 6 colour groups and maybe 5 to 7 colour piles for each group as you move through dark to light value.

However, I come to start painting and can't remember where each individual pile goes, particularly for skin tones.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Kind regards,

Martin. (From Melbourne, living in London.)


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    Write on your palette with a grease pencil? It should wipe off when you clean up (definitely will wipe off a glass palette). You'd just have to be careful not to mix it into your paint, or you could get a white and a black and use both.

    I'll be in Melbourne the week after next! Never been before - I hear it's beautiful.
  • i used to also find that problem but I don't ever try to do that many colour groups at a time now Martin. 
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    In the beginning, I often got lost when the values in the steps began to form a skin and look too much alike.  So now I use both systems to keep from getting lost while I'm painting: I number on masking tape right on the palette and number the snap cap tubs if I'm using them. 
  •  I just paint from the steps on the palette and adjust tone, colour eats to the side, which leaves a huge mess that needs to be wiped off regularly. It also  means when I want to pickup some more of the just mixed paint, I can't find it ! I have started using two palettes one for steps and one for mixing .Might need to organise better ! 
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