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Staining a canvas - which oil colours do you use for this purpouse?

Hi, I would like to ask you, which products do you use to stain your canvas?
Do you use Marks Canvas Stain or do you use Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour? I use different brand of oil colours - Schmincke Norma Professional. Can I use stain from different brand (like Geneva for example)? Or should I make my own using white and burnt umber from Schmincke? Schmincke does not have fast drying white, and I am not sure if I can use regular Titanium White for staining my canvas?


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    I make my own canvas stain, I like using W&N burnt umber, lamp black, and fast drying white. I mix my recipe according to Mark's precisely. This formula closely appears like Geneva Canvas Stain and works well similarly. Sometimes I use only W&N Lamp Black. I like this very much because it really makes my colors POP! out from the canvas, this in turn adds a little more joy to my painting experience as a whole.
  • Datura

    Predominantly I use b&w burnt umber but at a pinch burnt sienna will do.
    i love black gesso, also used a few jars of Art Spectrum ColourFix when I need tooth.
    From time to time I use left over, or sample pots of acrylic house paint as a toning layer.

    I tone panels well in advance so QD white is not needed.

  • brand doesn't matter and can be acrylic or tinted gesso unless the canvas is already oil primed. The recommendation for the alkyd instead of oils is for the speed of drying. You can paint with oils over alkyd stain in 1 or 2 days instead of waiting a few weeks. Don't use Geneva or paint with SDM mixed in it will be a month at least before you can paint over the stain.
  • BOB73BOB73 -
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    When I said don't use geneva, I meant don't use the paints (they don't dry for a long time) I was not referring to the new Geneva canvas stain. I have no Idea how long that takes to dry.
  • DaturaDatura -
    edited February 2018
    @Bobitaly - thanks a lot for your comment and help! I have alredy stained my canvas with regular titanium white and burnt umber (not Geneva) plus mineral spirit. Can I paint over it after 5 days? I have read that titanium white dries in 5 days?
  • I use a mixture of leftover paint. I store these in a jar after I am done with a painting. For bigger canvases I use a little turp to spread the paint and then give the surface a good wipe with a cloth. My surface is ready.
  • I use a small amount of acrylic paint to tint clear gesso.  The color of the acrylic paint depends on the piece but it is usually an earth tone or blue.  I start painting the next day.

  • I just use cheap acrylic paint (mixture of burnt umber, white, lamp black) and works fine for me

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