Blue Heron painting

Hi everyone, 
this is just finished, i would love to hear your opinion, 
thank you


  • Very nice, ArtGal. I especially  like the way you've done the water. 
  • hi @ArtGal .  Welcome to the forum.  Did you follow DMP and Mark Carder technique with this?  What is the size and medium used?  For me, when I can get a bit of a 3 dimensional aspect in a painting, I am so excited and pleased but it can be missing the artistic flair and creativity.  I wish you had more light and shadow - more form shape happens with light.  The painting is flat because I have no idea where the light and shadow fall in the picture plane.  You rendered the heron beautifully, I just think the light would make a huge impression and take it to a whole other level.

  • thanks a lot tassieguy and Julianna for your comments!
    it's oil the size is 18"x36".

  • Julianna, 
    i'm not sure if I followed any specifique technigue. my thought was to get realistic bird on somewhat abstract background water.  thanks for your comments on the light/shadow thing. the light supposedly coming from right upper corner and getting the heron's back lighted,  probably you're right should be more pronounced,
    thanks again
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