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I spend a lot of my time on a set up in the shadow box, take a photo, turn it into a poster and print on plain paper. I then trace the print onto my canvas and paint from life.. I still have to draw a little bit looking at my set up. I do this because I've never liked to draw. Does anybody else do this? It is real quick and very accurate for me.


  • I've tried this with a still life but the spherical aberration was a problem.
  • What kind of paper do you have your print made on?
  • I use plain 8"x10" copy paper on draft mode in greyscale and tape it together to make a poster. I rub titanium dry pigment on a piece of very thin 8X10 tracing paper and place it under the drawing and trace away.. (My home made white copy sheets last forever)   I use a professional camera with a telephoto lens and take the picture about 6' to 7' away so as to keep everything in proportion. Over the years I've gotten real good and fast. Including making the poster, it takes less than an hour to get a finish drawing on the canvas. Like mark I still have to "draw" with the paint brush to correct any  ellipticals  and make sure  everything is plumb. If you look at my picture here, you will see I use a plum line in my setup which helps a lot. I can and have used the proportional divider, but it takes me hours and I just don't enjoy it like some people do.   
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