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App for colour checking

Hi everyone I discovered a good app for colour checking on the Play Store, it's called Color Grab. It has a lot of functions and a live mode too so can be very useful for colour checking outside where normal colour checker can't be used very well. Hope it helps , have a good evening!


  • Thanks for posting! I think this app can be very useful.

  • Sounds like a great app!   Also worth mentioning though is that it’s not yet compatible for the iPhone. 
  • As I am getting all of my DMP studio materials together (not easy being so far out in the boondocks) have been playing with this app and it seems to agree with some of Mark's comments. For example, he mentioned burnt umber often being a shadow and I checked 4 or  5 images with that in mind and it has agreed each time. 

    I realize using it will probably stall training my eye, but for a beginner it is reassuring to double check and see if I am on track. 

    Mark also mentioned the shock of realizing what colors actually are and I experienced this shock using the app to check colors on a 0 exposure photo of my son who is mixed Thai. His skin is basically brown. Many different values of course, but brown. He certainly does not look brown when he's standing there.
  • Ive been using the "Color Analyzer" Android-app which is similar, which gives the HSV, Munsell and Ceilab values.  It's intriguing how an isolated spot-color is darker than we percieve it...and often lower-chroma.   The natural world is much "grayer" than we think.  I think many landscapes "fail" due to improper values and too-much chroma.
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