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The mysterious smell of constant canabis

Recently one of my neighbours passed away sadly. She lived to over 90 and had a good innings, the last of her generation on my street, God Bless her soul.
Anyway, the police were round and they raised a question, what was that smell? It was such a strong smell and it was canabis.

All this time I thought I was living next to doping neighbours who constantly (I assumed) smoked the stuff, even though there was no sign of smoke, nor of people. I mean I would smell it in the morning when on my way to work, then in the evening when I returned, in the front garden, the back garden, it was like my house was encapsulated in the stuff. Maybe the house was built on an ancient canabis burial ground. Anyway, the police suggested somebody was growing the stuff, in a big way and it seems the air currents on the road draw all the smell to my house. The smell is so strong it is like walking into a kitchen where food is being cooked. It just hits you. I'm not sure on whether to hang around and take deeper breaths or to run inside the house before I become intoxicated somehow.

I'm counting down the days these dealers get closed down. Come on Met police, pull your finger out.


  • GaryGary -
    edited March 2013 may have a pot greenhouse in the neighborhood. In the US, dealers are building or buying homes in middle to upper class neighborhoods, putting in sophisticated watering systems, special grow lights, etc and then fill the home with young plants. No one lives there, just built/bought for growing pot. The windows are covered inside with heavy black cloth because the strong growing lights are on 24 hours a day. They tend to avoid meeting neighbors, operate in the early morning hours when most folks are sleeping and generally just melt into the background. According to news reports, these new types of greenhouses are very common and hard to detect. They will sell the home after several months and move operations to a new one which also reduces the chances of getting caught. So, take a deep breath (or not!) and keep a sharp eye out. :)
  • Yes, it is something like that unfortunately. And we're not sure what house it is, just that the air is full of the smell.
  • Amrit,

    And the police will not check every house in your neighborhood?
  • I have no idea what they're doing to be honest. One thing, when I came home I did notice the smell had gone today. Could just be a temporary thing though.
  • They just legalized in my state, Colorado, so now there is the ongoing argument as to who has the last say, the state or the feds? It's safer than alcohol in my opinion but you shouldn't be made to smell it if you don't want to.
  • Feds. Its a banned schedule 1 substance until Congress says otherwise.
  • The police are saying, "if" they do anything about it. I mean, "if"???? I feel like they've waged such a war on the motorist they have no resources left to catch drug dealers.
  • AmritAmrit -
    edited March 2013
    Kingston, then they need to change the system so it's not so.
    Tbh it's not rocket science. You go to the house and smell through the letter box. That way you know who the culprit is. You then make an arrest. I have a friend who did just that. It's a same day low cost operation. Anything more is just wasting tax payers money and giving these drug dealers more freedom to get their stock on the streets.
  • Sounds like somebody should smoke a joint and chill.
    [Deleted User]GaryAmrit
  • Surprised they haven't brought in one of those specially trained dogs to locate the and quick.
  • I'm dreading it will end up being one of my children.

    Sounds like somebody should smoke a joint and chill.

  • tjstjs -
    edited March 2013
    Amrit said:

    I'm dreading it will end up being one of my children.

    :)) I don't think so Amrit.

    Like Sue, it's legal in my state as well now although 'medical' marijuana has been legal for some time. All up and down the peninsula I live on there were lots of so called medical marijuana stores. Sure seemed like lots of people needed it cause there never was a place to park at any of them :)

    Now that's it legal here, just saw an article in last nights newspaper the latest problem. It's illegal to smoke in public places but the people are lighting up joints in public places especially bars. Not sure how this one is going to turn out!

    Not my thing. Tried it in the 70's with my girlfriends several times and it made me barf everytime! So not into barfing. :D
  • Amrit, I empathize with your parental concern, I really do. But the snake you see (or smell in this case) is not the one that can hurt you, but rather, it's the hidden ones in this world that pose the greatest threat.
  • Charleyboy, I've had a relative of mine be in a similar situation. He got involved with these guys on his street and now is a dealer. He's been in and out of prison but doesn't care.

    Yes, there are many many things in this world which influence us but having seen the effects of drugs on peoples lives first hand I will have to say that the effect is one of the more negative ones. Drugs ruin lives of not only the person taking them, but also the people in that persons life.

    TJ, yes, it's a funny thing. I think it's the same here. People are allowed to have it for health reasons under prescription.
  • Amrit

    There are many chronic and terminal brain conditions that are painful or disabling (Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, bi-polar).
    Hash seems to alleviate some symptoms in many sufferers, whereas prescription drugs have failed or are cost prohibitive. The downside is that abuse, addiction or multi drug use has anti-social behavioral outcomes.

  • Yep, I'm not arguing that cannabis is a bad plant, or that it doesn't have healing attributes especially when used in conventional medicine. Hemp, is one substance that can help reduce the logging trade and destruction of our forests. It is an amazing material, it can be used to make paper, jeans, the healing apect. I'm not arguing that.

    What I'm talking about is the illegal use and growing of it, especially on my street.
    This drug is often produced in poor quality by Triad gangs in London, which are not a nice bunch of people. They employ illegal immigrants who have no passports and are themselves often mistreated by these gangs.

    Furthermore the people who begin by supplying hemp illegally often also supply other drugs, which are highly addictive. The people I know all started off from buying hemp illegally, and then moved onto Ecstacy, Cocaine and then harder things like Crack or Heroin. 2 are in prison as dealers. One is dead, and the other is divorced and turns into this manic uncontrollable depressant when his body screams for the stuff.

    So in all 4 cases lives were ruined. Not only their lives but the lives of their families. I know drugs have benefits, hell, when my kid has an asthma attack we reach for the nebuliser, and it's saved his life many times. Maybe some people would love having this stuff growing in their neighbourhoods, and that's their choice. I'm just very surprised at the lack of police response. It also ruins the property it's grown in due to the damp. It will effect local houses prices as who will want to move into a house where there is a constant smell of hemp. I guess you just need to experience it. I know you guys are trying to help. I'm just shocked at the police attitude.
  • In France, it is totally prohibited, even in medical use... it is also a big problem among young people leading more and more under the influence of drugs and alcohol

    It is an entire economy help to live in certain areas of cities... it is a fairly complex problem
  • edited March 2013
    That's probably because the cops smoke pot themselves and because the law is finally realizing it isn't as bad as other drugs, and shouldn't be classified with them. The best protection for your children is to talk to them truthfully about the various dangers and vices they will encounter in life. When authority figures exaggerate or use hyperbole in an effort to scare children, it backfires when it's discovered that the warnings weren't exactly true. Just tell them that lot's of people smoke pot because it isn't as dangerous as other drugs, but it often becomes a bad habit that can lead to lung damage and even harm brain development with frequent use. So why use it at all? Same kind of advice goes for alcohol. Teach your kids that staying healthy with good nutrition, exercise, and sleep, and staying engaged with learning and creativity are the best avenues for a long and rewarding life, and the best ways to avoid suffering and pain.

    The other problems you mentioned are unfortunate and legal reforms are needed to solve some of those. The association of pot leading to other drug use is an old argument, but it's often a false one. To the extent that association is valid, it is due primarily from the fact that it has been made illegal and clumped together with the other drugs in the laws. I'm sure that most drug-abusers smoke tobacco and drink alcohol too, but that is because people of that sort abuse all sorts of vices, legal and otherwise, and health concerns are not even on their radar.

  • There was a house in our neighborhood that this guy rented just to use it as a greenhouse. The entire basement had been converted into a pot farm. [-X
  • I got drug tested on Monday. Can't wait to retire.
  • Garry, let's us know if they pick up any 'sdm' in your drug test.....we'll vouch for you. :D
  • Yes, we'll tell them we're sure someone added it to your brownies and you had no clue at all.
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