This painting makes me laugh

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1621 With their anti-strangulation devices securely in place, an unknown merchant family sit down to have their family photo of the era painted.

 The middle child determined, as quietly as she can reaches yet again for her toy baby has taken. Mother grabs her arm and whispers, “I said no, if you touch that toy again so help me!”, whilst she tries to not let her frustration show on her face.

 Grandma looks thrilled to be included in this great family event. She was holding the Apple for no reason I can imagine but has decided to give up on the idea if it keeps the little one from crying because she can’t take much more of it.

 The young son stands obediently, silently wishing he were anywhere else playing and doing what boys do, all we know for sure is he is done with holding  the hat.

 The Father proudly stands as tall as he can keeping junior still. And perhaps he is unaware of all the antics going on to the right.....

 And because the artist is worried he just paints baby in the best likeness he can of her happy and angelic.

 LOL not much has changed when it comes to the family photo.



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