Should I even say this...

Okay, I don’t know if it’s the snarky mood I am in or what but seriously... (talking instagram here) people put some artist up on this high pedestal so much so they look at them like an artist god or something. I wanna say yes it’s good but sometimes I do spot some wonky things, they are successful at their art and great.... but are they so far out of our reach? 
I don’t believe so because I have seen better art here on this forum from first and second time DMP works than some of the so called “modern day masters” 

it it kind of bugs me when you see a piece of work and it is however many thousand of likes and comments of “wow, amazing, are you Jesus of the art world” brown nosing baloney..., I think I’m ranting oh well at least I will vent tonight , sleep, laugh about it with you tomorrow and move on to painting what I paint later lol. Thanks for listening. 


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    In just about every field of human endeavour there are frauds, fake news, self agrandisement, deception and creative marketing. A touch of calm objectivity brings the realisation that things level out and adjust over time to bring the perpetrators to book. Life is too short and the quality of life too fragile to let such things annoy you. Quality and value will shine through, given sufficient exposure to the market.

    DMPrs do not market or promote themselves, singularly or as a group. There are a few exceptions.
    Why don’t we have a DMP sales page that is independently run but provides a commission to Mark.
    A membership fee of $50 to $100 each ought to build a great sales outlet. Could operate as a brokerage, with members responsible for content and order fulfilment.


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    Case in point.... I want to give this guy my honest’s a watercolor... ballerina....yes amazing realism beautiful work.... I can’t even execute oils at the same level so who am I, right?
    however...  hands to big not feminine and it seems unfinished from the wrist down... do you see it to? But there are literally people calling him Jesus and saying leave something for the humans ... um WTF it’s great but it isn’t god like...?!  Should he be worshipped in a sense because of it... my opinion no... like I said I have seen people do amazing things here from first timers just as good. That is my honest criticism of it( finish it lol) and don’t worship the man that made it...... I don’t know maybe it’s just me.
    ( if you take the (famous) name and the person out of the equation what do you actually see ) 
  • @jswartzart you are right about the hands. But I want to quote an older saying '...truth (or reality or realism?) is stranger than fiction'. Probably the model had stronger and bigger hands.I don't see any Godlike feeling in this and yes the hands are bigger. But to me, that doesn't takeaway from the amazing expression of the subject!
  • Yes this is a Nick Alm painting and the thing that is amazing about his watercolours is that they are just as proficient as his oils.  This is rare, as you know.  Here is another watercolour by him.  I don't think every master artist is going to make a masterpiece every single time they paint, do you?  I know the painting you referenced is the topic of an online review and discussion, which I meant to watch earlier and will now.  I'll edit to link later if the review is any good.

  • I guess my frustration isn’t really so much with the artist themselves as it is with the adoring fans that see no wrong no defects and alway praise no Matter the subject , the flaws the whatever’s. I can recognize beautiful and extremely talented artists works and give praise ...... but when it starts becoming an act of worship I draw the line and say um no this is just another person and we can all reach the same level of creativity if given the time .... I guess that was what really got me is you cant give the honest opinion of works individually without repercussions from the fans.
    absolutely agree he (this particular artist) is outstanding as an artist but when I do see something I don’t want to feel like people are so far “above” me that I can’t say it..... sorry if I don’t make any sense at all ... and of course art and how you interpret it is different for everyone.
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    Also this is just a side note ... the principals of art are across the board no matter what medium you use. Principals do not change. It doesn’t matter if you want to create realism in crayons, oil, watercolor, acrylics, or whatever the same principals apply.... rules are for individual mediums for example never acrylics over oils...... so it’s not a rare thing to accomplish great works of art in several mediums if you know how to apply the principals to begin with. 
    Artist generally just chose what they prefer to work with. It doesn’t mean they or you can do something just as good in another medium.
    I believe if you know those principals you can create anything in any medium.
  • Thanks @jswartzart for your response :)  Here is the link to the review of the Balerina painting you referenced.  Of course the down side to being "honest" about someone's paintings is that one may simply be off in their evaluation for any number of reasons and might get negative feedback based on that.  In any case, a person should always feel free to make their opinion known.  

    There is one watercolour artist I know has won zillions of awards, is featured in the magazines, and was recently rated one of the best 10 watercolour artists this year.  I for the life of me can not see why; the drawing is atrocious, the subjects are generic, and the technique is garish and unappealing.  I am stuck in the place of not knowing whether the art is actually bad, or whether I am just missing something.  Im hesitant to fly in the face of all the kudos and just sort of sit back and try to figure it out.  It irritates me though.  So I get what you're saying from that perspective.  Anyway here's the link to the discussion of the Balerina painting, I think it's informative.  

  • Well at least I am not alone lol we all find things in various paintings and question what is it I am just not seeing lol
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    @Kingston, and @jswartzt this is precisely what just about every one of my teachers were trying to teach us to avoid at all cost, but also such an easy trap to fall into, even without realizing. Many benefits to painting from life before attempting much of anything else. The above is an amazing painting for watercolor no doubt. When I was studying watercolor, this realism as above but from life, was what we were aiming for by one of the teachers I had. I am happy to be here learning oil painting now, this is fantastic! If I understand correctly, this is where "freeform painting from photo" is of benefit to be aware of.

  • I completely agree! @Kingston

    Most of my favorite artists are narrative illustrator's for that reason. What they do goes beyond just "technical skill". They have to convey story, feelings, passion just like you said. And the nature of the work keeps them from being slaves to reference. They use reference correctly, just as a guide that they follow loosely to create something new and unique. 
  • @jswartzart   I have felt this way most of my life about many artists.  God bless 'em for being creative - I don't get most things.  I am taking a Post War class through MoMA and although fascinating - I just don't understand why these people were so famous - in spite of learning their processes (some just got drunk) = but, what the hell do I know.  I only know what I am drawn to and what I am not.  I am fascinated by Yayoi Kusama - she is almost 90 years old and living in a mental institution and having assistants walk her to her studio so she can paint all day - she is in blissful heaven.  I have to say, I do love her net paintings so go figure!  

    Can you imagine living in the 40s,50s, 60s etc... when artists who didn't even know how to draw were all the rage and true masters with great skill (in my opinion) were ignored completely.  
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  • DMPrs do not market or promote themselves, singularly or as a group. There are a few exceptions.  Why don’t we have a DMP sales page that is independently run but provides a commission to Mark.  A membership fee of $50 to $100 each ought to build a great sales outlet. Could operate as a brokerage, with members responsible for content and order fulfilment.

    @dencal I'd like to talk about this.
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    A DMPers commercial site is doable but NOT tied to Mark Carder Himself financially or digitally (except links) Can still be exclusively for DMP. Mark is an entrepenuer as mach as an artist and if he thought it was a good idea he would have done it already. But we should start a new discussion in the proper place.

    @jswartzart, @Julianna, You are not alone or a tree falling in an unoccupied forest. I think many people who have some experience with trying to make art (serious or not) have similar feelings. In fact I wonder if some of these adoring fans are back in the studios for the first time since highschool trying to emulate them and partake in the bounty with these 21st century masters. We are also products of our generation and possess an objectivity that later generations find impossibe to manifest in themselves.

  • Amen @martenvisser, so many have gotten it through their mind that fb and tweeter gives them license to be rude, insulting and bully others without consequence. Then there are others that don't think they're doing anyything wrong. It's kind of like a doggy door. your pet can come and go as needed but possums and racoons can visit too.
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