What does the forum think about this?

There is an artist I follow on instagram Teresa Elliot (phenomenal work) I went to her website to view more of her works.... and noticed the company she uses for her website

here it is 


It it is a website for artist and helps promote their work.... I would like feedback on what you think of it and if you all use such websites.... it seems to be a good one and if in the future I would want to chose one this may be it.... 

I would just like to get the forums thoughts, experiences and such on this type of thing. Thank you in advance.


  • I visited the site once just to check it out then kept getting emails every day from them.
  • @tassieguy interesting thx, I don’t like that either, many sites do that and it’s irritating. Hmmmm
  • A lot of painters use them. I used to. Pretty user friendly and professional looking. 
  • Don't look at me; I thought websites were for spiders.
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    @Kingston I am really not good at this type of thing, I don’t plan on doing it right away because I know I am not at that level but I want something later on that is super easy and straight forward to use that can already drive traffic to it.... was really curious if others use things like this website or what You mentioned and how it panned out.... is it worth the time effort and money?
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    I try to learn as much as I can from  other artist even if they are not willing to teach, so I pay attention to what they are doing and how they are doing it... and that is just one site I notice a lot of “successful” artist seem/appear to be using. 

    I also never dismiss what this forum has to say because I feel safe to ask and value everyone’s input on what ever subject comes up
  • Hi @jswartzart
    I’ve checked this out as well, I think it looks professional and user friendly. I don’t mind the emails from them, some good info. 
    If you are looking to sell your work online you will be wanting to checkout the e-commerce capability of whichever platform you go with. I think the advantage of FASO is that is geared towards artists.

    would be good to hear from other members what their experience is.

  • @Kaustav has a site. If I were looking to sell on the hinterweb I would visit many gallery, decorators and artists sites and see how they are then find the builders of those sites to see what they can do and how much it will cost. If Walt Disney were alive, what kind of website would he have. That's another way of looking at things. WD's was probably the most prolific and commercially successful artist of the 20th century but generally overlooked as an artist. Anyway, who are your heroes in the art world and what would they have to link them to the  digital maelstrom? 

  • What do you guys think of joining something like this... beneficial, worth it? Anyone else involve with us type of thing and your feedback thanks.


  • I'm not shy about putting my 2cents in and I'll tell you it's not always worth that much. I think these other things Opoa, clubs, wetcanvas, websites and getting video instruction from other than Mark Carder are all things we can do to broaden our experiences as we progress. Personally I think it is a mistake for me to attempt these other avenues before mastering at least a competence with DMP. I would love to paint plein air but that has to be done quickly which I can't do in DMP. I would love to learn how to glaze but I'm not ready for that either. Those that have been at this a while especially those that DMP is NOT their first method could try these things without trouble or losing focus on the fundamentals. DMP is my choice as a learning source.
  • I'm with you @BOB73  I stopped going to several different painting websites and stopped posting and visiting wetcanvas because I decided to focus on the DMP approach. I like Mark Carders video on choosing your method...it really is the best way to learn, that is, to just put your head down and learn one method or approach really well before branching out.
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    I agree with @BOB73, I am not anywhere near ready to take on anything else for a while to come yet, other than what is here already as I am not even quite feeling comfortable enough just yet but will come to me sometime, I will know when I am ready to move on when that time comes with much more certainty, I trust.
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