Mark's medium recipe versus Geneva

I notice Mark's medium recipe on his supply list contains solvents but his paint does not, although it is premixed with medium.  Pretty much every medium recipe I've seen has a solvent of some kind.

Anybody know what the deal is?


  • Paint you buy from the major manufacturers can have waxes and other thickeners so it's not so fluid out of the tube (most people seem to like having stiffer paint so they can do different styles). Then you need solvents to thin the paint. When you make the paint up yourself you don't need any waxes or thickeners.

    Having said that I use walnut oil as a medium with tubed paints. :)
  • Watch the Geneva video of how the paint is made. adding SDM to other brands of paint is necessary to make them "behave" and perform the way Geneva paints do. Once the sdm is mixed with the paint you are working almost solvent free but still best to work with good ventilation.
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