Hello from a dane living in Belgium

I have been painting in water colours for 10 years and now I started with watersoluble oils. I would be very happy to know Mark's opinion concerning this paint. I am working myself through all his video's which are fantastic. If anyone have tried the watersoluble oils I will also be happy to know your experience. :o)


  • Hi @jytte, welcome to the forum  :).
    I don’t use water soluble oils but there are some people here who do and I expect the will be coming by shortly.
  • jytte

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Type wm into the search box at top right of this page for a couple of dozen DMP threads on water mixable paint.

    Good colour, good mixing qualities, works well with slow dry medium (don’t use water), works with Liquin and any medium used with trad oil paint. Chief benefit is being able to avoid  harmful solvents if you want to with citrus solvent. Keeps as stock palette for years in small airtight containers. Remains useable as mixed values for about six weeks. Brushes last forever using dip and immersion bath.

    WMs take well to any surface - plastics, metal, canvas, wood etc. Generally less expensive than the trad oil colour. Nice to be able to use paint in a group or class setting and not kill anyone.

  • @jytte, Welcome to the forum. Denis (@dencal) is always right.
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    Hi, @jytte. Welcome to the forum.  Water mixibles are ok. The most important thing, however, is to just paint. The basic DMP principles will apply whatever paint you use. Drawing, mixing correct values/colours and applying them to the right place on the canvas -  these are the important things. It's all too easy to get bogged down in technicalities and never paint anything. Don't fall into that trap.   :)
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