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Adjusting Brightness while taking a Smartphone Pic

I'm not sure if this has been talked about, but I just learned it.  So it was new to me.  

You can adjust the values/brightness on a smartphone (I use iPhone) when taking the pic by holding your finger against the image until it locks AE/AF.  Then adjust a brightness slider next to the square in the center before taking the picture.

I attached two pictures taken in exactly the same lighting.  One I adjusted the AE/AF lock lighter, and one where I adjusted it darker.  

I didn't know this, others probably did.



  • edited November 2017
    Yes that's a really handy trick. Mark has a video
    on the importance of properly exposed reference photos that encourages using that feature to make sure your own photos are exposed properly. In a nutshell, he reccomends putting the brightness/exposure way too low at first, and then slowly move it up till it looks accurate to real life. That's what I do with all my photos now 
  • This WAS news to me. Just grappling with this today, and I discovered that I could tap the image and it will balance the exposure to that spot. This is the next step. Guess I better watch that video! Thanks.
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