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My paintings

well, here goes. Be gentle. I really learned a lot from each painting. Like don’t make a giant horse head from a terrible 8x10 non laminated printout, that was annoying. First painting was of that lady, second painting was that horse. Stinky fish were a gift for Mom 



  • Welcome to the forum! These are really engaging - especially your use of contrast and attention to detail.

    When I first joined the forum i posted seven paintings I had already completed using the DMP method and from that point forward I took the risk to post all subsequent painting as works in progress (WIP) to get helpful suggestions for improvements.  For me it has been like joining an awesome art class. Consider doing the same - we all learn through each other's trials and tribulations. 
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    @xxgooseyxx !!!  Go you!  Thank you for sharing and I know it is difficult to put yourself out there like that.
    I LOVE your style - I am dramatic and love beautiful color and contrast.  All three of your paintings are lovely (for my eye).

    I have a feeling you are sensitive (as am I) so sometimes, it helps if you ask specifically what you want for feedback (what would you change?   is composition working?  anything sticking out?) or you could just ask for any critique and suggestion.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable.  I will say what I love or love less (if that is okay with you).
    Obviously, I love your colors, drama... from across a room I would be drawn to these paintings because they have contrast.   I wish your signature wasn't so large - it kind of takes the eye away (don't worry, Mary Cassatt did the same thing on many of her paintings so it can't be all bad :) )

    1.  FISH PAINTING:   Love the colors in the fish and their fins and faces.  I wish the water were more blue or green instead of all black - I think it would be genius if that bottom fish was facing the other fish - that would be the most epic eye magnet - eyes would never leave that painting!  :)   Like yin and yang - I wish I could doodle on a computer to show you what is in my mind but just think of that fish flipped so the tail is down.  Love it and I'm sure your mother will as well!
    2.  LADY PAINTING:   You're killing me with that gorgeous brushwork on her dress!!!!!!!!!  Holy cow is that lovely!  I wish that left side background color got more transparent and darker the further back it goes - that upper left corner is as light as her dress and stealing from the show (also drawing my eye outta there).  You have got some stunning edge work going on in this painting.  Now, it is just me, but wouldn't it be lovely to see some gorgeous saturated color in some of those flowers up front - I am begging for some red in 3 of those flowers above your name.  Don't mind me - I LOVE gorgeous reds in foregrounds somehow.
    3.   HORSE PAINTING:   I think it is great and I love the simple composition and contrast of that mane against the background.  I wish you would spend about 30 more minutes on that eye - it is the focal point and get it detailed out if you can (magnifying glass helps some people) :) It could be only 30 seconds - do you see any kind of light reflection off of that eyeball in your reference?  There should be some light reflection somewhere ( dot of almost white on the eyeball and perhaps in the tear duct area or bottom lid?   If that eye was popping just a tad more - it would be perfect (in my eye).

    DISCLAIMER:  I am not a professional so take my opinion with a grain of salt.  I am only stating what my instincts tell ME - it does not mean that this should be considered with any kind of authority.  Your work is lovely and I hope you keep painting and keep sharing.  As Bancroft said, this is like a fantastic online class.
  • Very good, @xxgooseyxx ! Love the fish and the looser style in the second one I find very appealing. :)
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    Welcome nice work. I like each painting for different reasons... 
    1. I love koi fish and the colors pop against the black. I have painted koi before and you did excellent job on them.

    2. I love the loose brushwork on the girl, the colors are relaxing and go with composition nicely. I especially like the girl is the focal point and everything else supports that with out taking anything away.

    3. The horse , honestly .. I am sure your reference photo and your painting match, but the right side of the mane is bright and pulls my eyes to that area first and that may not be the case in person, I know how photos and glares can even alter what you post. Reguardless it is a very lifelike painting particularly the muzzle and the eye (I see the reflection in it.) Great realism.

  • good stuff. love the lady, it's very painterly. Is the horse's mane exaggerated? If not I can recommend a barber. The horse's face has a horse's personality (not always achieved with horse portraits) very good realism with the horse portrait too. 
  • I have painted koi before ...
    I hope you primed them first.

    @xxgooseyxx, nice paintings, well done.  I particularly like the woman in dress.
  • Hi @xxgooseyxx, welcome to the forum.
    You’ve posted some very nice paintings.

    If you are looking for critique it is helpful for us if you post your reference- either the photo you are working from or the set-up from life. I’m reluctant to critique because, for example, in the horse painting the ears seem anatomically  incorrect (too far apart) however, who knows, maybe that particular horse has a strange ear/poll situation going on, see what I mean?

    The koi painting is lovely, great colour and movement.

    I think the figurative painting has some issues with being anatomically correct as well, especially with the foreshortening on the right arm, again though it would be helpful to see the reference as well as your intention, maybe you were going for something more impressionistic.

    if you can remember (I sometimes forget) put the size of the painting and support as well.

    Lecture is now over  :)

    Glad you are here.
  • I like your paintings.  Welcome to the Forum.  When you receive critiques, remember, even if you don't use them at the present moment, file it for future reference.
  • I like them all a lot.  The second one is terrific.  I would like to see more of those.
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