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Is it possible to download the videos and put them on a flash drive or DVD for later viewing. I want to take them to my art studio for later viewing and use. I do not have internet available at my studio. Thanks, Gary


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    You're in luck. Follow these directions to download the YouTube videos you want:

    In regards to the instructions on that page… if dragging the link to your bookmarks bar doesn't work, I suggest trying a different browser. I've only tested it in Chrome but it should work in any up-to-date browser.

    Once you get to the part where you can choose what version of the video you want to download, you should probably choose one of the MP4 options, not one of the FLV options. For playback, if you have any trouble at all, I recommend downloading and installing VLC player and using that to play the videos. VLC will play just about anything.

    For reference:

    1080p MP4 means the video is at its original dimensions of 1920x1080 (the highest quality)

    720p MP4 means the video has been scaled down to 1280x720 (perfect for smaller laptops)

    HQ MP4 means the videos has been scaled down to a measly 640x360 (not recommended in most cases)
  • Many thanks David for the extra effort on your part!
  • Thank you David! I was wondering that myself. Great explanation ^:)^
  • Thank you so much. This will be a big help.
  • Just don't fill your hard drive with cute animal videos, okay? :P
  • Thanks, David. I've tried it on DMP's videos, and the only one I couldn't download (into my Windows laptop) at HD 1020p MP4 was the 'how to set up a still life' video, which I could at HD 720p MP4 (not sure why).

    Another free tool is in for Mac, but I haven't tried it yet... I will soon.
    Obviously there are other apps...
  • Sometimes I've been having problems with using the 'PwnYouTube' button (which I've pinned onto my links toolbar (or Bookmarks toolbar)), ie nothing happens when I click on the button, or it might only have flv and no mp4 (or lower than 480p on mp4).

    When any of these happens, I use another tool called 'Keep It!', which I got from When I installed the tool, I simply dragged the Keep It! button provided onto my Bookmarks Toolbar which facilitates easy access whenever I need it (just like the 'PwnYouTube' button). When I use it, I just select the highest mp4 from the list (minimum usually 480p).

    When both fail, I use the downloader from, which automatically puts an icon & drop-down on to your Navigation Toolbar at installation.
  • If you go to then you could download it from there just by interting the URL of youtube video clip, and it will give you the full range of formats and resolution you want. It is free, fully legal and no registration is needed.

    After having video clips saved in your PC you can burn them into DVD and watch on regular TV, but before that you would need to reformat the video files into Mpeg2. But it is optional (today many DVD players reads almost all formats.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Rustem. Thanks for your suggestion. I had a look at and the only download tool I found was the Torch, which I downloaded/ran. Is this what you meant? If it is, I find that I can only use their buttons if I accessed the internet via Torch, ie not Chrome or Firefox. Although this is not too much of a problem, one downside is that it seems to take forever to download a video, eg I'm currently downloading a 2-hour video (not YouTube), and it's still got an hour left to finish downloading. It would have taken me a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes, depending on the length of the videos, to complete a download using the ones that I mentioned in my earlier comment above. Is that your experience also with Torch?
    Also it didn't seem to give me a range of formats ... it just automatically started saving in flv format.

    Re:, apparently it's only free during a couple of days trial period... now they're asking me to pay for the application, which I won't unless they're the best on the market. I'll try to find out from my I.T. friends what they use.
  • I wanted to save a few exercise videos that are free from youtube (new's years resolution)

    I downloaded the Real Player for free. I opened it up. Then I went to the youtube video I wanted and just clicked on it. A button from Real Player came on screen and I clicked 'download'.

    It was easy and it works great. I can also view them in Real Player as well!
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    RealPlayer? I don't know what's going on with it these days, but in the old days, it was basically malware.

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    I have so much anti-malware on my new computer. It was checked off as a trusted site and when I scanned what I downloaded it was free of any malware etc...

    The malware that was reported in the old version and about pop up ads? None of what is written in that link is occurring as far as I can tell. Nor is it prompting me to use it as my main media player. Now ITunes does that to me.

    I don't know. I'm not into the techie stuff anymore. I can only report on what it's doing in Windows 7 with my virus software.

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    RealPlayer? I don't know what's going on with it these days, but in the old days, it was basically malware.

    Realplayer is one piece of software that will never make it to any of my machines!

  • @tjs Yeah, the iTunes crap is why I recommend people download VLC Player instead of Quicktime (which forces you to install iTunes).
  • David I just found this app on Chrome. I haven't tried it yet. It says you can download any video, music etc. from the net. I found it at the Chrome Web store. Do you know anything about it?
  • @tjs You just linked to the extensions category. Do you mean the currently featured "Pocket" app? If so, that predownloads and caches the pages you request, but it's probably not something you would use to download particular files or content to your computer. It's more of a "save for offline viewing" thing, if I understand correctly.

    Is there something in particular you are trying to download?
  • I thought maybe it would be easier to download video on youtube. Click to download media app. I like those BBC shows on art I wanted to save.

    Thanks for responding David :)
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